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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Hogwarts magic comes to Kennesaw for new Lazy Labrador menu

Addie Hill
The Lazy Labrador Coffee House in downtown Kennesaw introduced a new menu for Hogwarts lovers. Released October 7, the addition of the Harry Potter menu brings amusing drinks inspired by the adored movie and book series. The menu features five coffee drinks that incorporate the beloved movie magic into the canine-themed coffee shop.

The Lazy Labrador Coffee House in downtown Kennesaw boomed in business since its grand opening January 2022. The puppy-themed drinks and decorations such as dog paintings and catchy signs, attract numerous local residents and traveling tourists.

The coffee house began to offer themed menus for a limited time. These menus reflect current events, such as the Eras Tour when Taylor Swift Came to Atlanta April 28-30 and PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, which came out October 13. Each menu showcases creative drinks that buyers love to try, in addition to the permanent drinks that the Lazy Labrador offers. 

Lazy Labrador Coffee House likes to offer themed menus because they are fun to create, make and serve. Themed menus allow us to add variation to our menu and introduce new options to our customers! Customers like themed menus because it gives them a chance to try new drinks,” Lazy Labrador operations manager Madison Hooker said.

The newest menu arrived October 7, and it features drinks inspired by the Harry Potter movie and book series. The coffee shop bases this menu off of various elements in the Harry Potter world to create magical drinks that customers will adore. 

Out of the five drinks on the menu, four derive their concoctions from the Hogwarts houses. The Gryffindor latte, for the chivalrous customers with brave hearts, incorporates a latte with maple and hazelnut syrup, which display the bold yet sweet nature of the Gryffindor lions. For the house of the loyal, the Hufflepuff latte garnished with honey and cinnamon powder, depicts the caring and loyal attributes of these yellow badgers. The Ravenclaw cappuccino, ideal for late-night study sessions that the Ravenclaw eagles will likely hold, consists of a hot chocolate milk cappuccino. To complete the quartet of the houses, the Slytherin salted caramel matcha exhibits the cunning and sly personality of the Slytherin serpents and displays the green house color.

Lastly, the Butterbeer latte emanates from the famous Hogsmeade treat and comprises butterscotch and English toffee syrups. Topped with butterscotch cold foam and caramel drizzle, this sweet iced drink embodies the village in the movie series where characters find all of the wizarding candies.

The coffee house introduced this menu in time for the fall season. Buyers can experience the Harry Potter universe for themselves with the amusing coffees and lively attitude of the baristas.

“We chose to do a Harry Potter menu because it is… such a fun tradition to rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies in the fall and a Harry Potter drink can make that even more special and fun! Plus, a lot of us that work at Lazy Labrador Coffee House love Harry Potter,” Hooker said.

The dog-themed coffee house creates the perfect place for the Harry Potter canines, such as Fluffy and Fang. NC students and teachers alike will love the entertaining and energizing drinks.

              “I like the Lazy Labrador because the… energy is so inviting. I love the new Harry Potter menu [because] I feel like it’s a perfect fall touch. I’ve had the Slytherin Matcha and the Hufflepuff Latte and both are so delicious, [and], I also feel like the drinks are fitting for each of the houses,” NC senior Avery Gensheimer said.

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