Lazy Labrador Kennesaw


Courtesy of Lazy Labrador

A retired couple who bonded over their love for labradors and coffee plans to open a new coffee shop called Lazy Labrador in early 2021. They seek to share the happiness they find in meeting people, drinking coffee, and watching their adorable puppies with others. “Dogs and coffee and bringing people together. My wife Susan and I met in a dog park and we wanted to create a place that brought people together in the community and to share two of our favorite things-dogs and coffee,” co-owner of lazy labrador Bob Milani said.

Racheal Oni, Reporter

Bob and Susan Milani decided to open a coffee shop in Kennesaw Georgia, called Lazy Labrador. The first and only community-based coffee shop in the commercial and historic district downtown and with its own fenced dog park and gathering area. The Milanis have resided in Kennesaw for the past 25 years where they raised their two children and five adorable labs. When opening their coffee shop they wanted to create a place that combined their love for coffee and introduce a dog park to historic downtown Kennesaw. 

 “We are excited about bringing our community together in a fun and cool place with really good coffee and an outdoor place where dogs can hang out with their owners,” Bob Milani said.    

The owners’ love for Labrador retrievers contributed to the name of the brand, Lazy Labrador. A picture of Kirby, one of the owners’ Labrador retrievers resting lazily at his master’s feet as Milani consumed his favorite beverage, coffee, also inspired the name. The Milanis still yearn to remain a part of the community while in retirement and they manifested this dream by opening a coffee shop that will bring both coffee enthusiasts and dog lovers together.

  “We wanted to do it in a historic building with a working fireplace that offers outdoor seating, a fire pit, a wrap-around porch, and a dog park,”  Bob Milani said. 

Partnering up with Mostly Mutts and Atlanta Pet Rescue, the coffee shop will hold pet adoption events to support pet rescue and adoption efforts.  The Lazy Labrador also plans to collaborate with the art and music department at Kennesaw State University to showcase young artists and musicians, an opportunity for students in those departments to exhibit their talents and possibly get discovered by a music producer or a gallerist. The Milanis utilize these connections to better the future of their community. 

Lazy Labrador will donate a portion of their profits to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This association holds a special place in their hearts because their son Jack suffers from the weakening disease that causes loss of muscle mass when abnormal genes interfere with the production of protein needed to form healthy muscles”.

Lazy Labrador’s mission statement discloses their hope to provide their customers with the finest hand-roasted sustainably sourced specialty and craft coffee, while the customers sit in a unique and relaxing setting to build a more vibrant and connected community in historic downtown Kennesaw, and to hopefully bring light back to our city after a year of unprecedented darkness. 

“The city has been emerging from its’ darkness for several years now and that is a key reason why we want to invest in this city. The City of Kennesaw is taking all the right steps to revitalize and encourage economic development while also encouraging historic preservation and sustaining its small-town charm,” Milani said.

In March 2021 people who enjoy a delicious coffee or people looking for a place to connect and meet with new people can visit this local spot in a comfortable space that also flaunts a nice dog park. Until then, customers can purchase merchandise such as shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and coffee grounds online to shorten the wait until the grand opening in March. Kindly join them as they support a bright and secure coffee shop within their community.

 “My wife Susan, and I are very strong advocates for historic preservation and we’re saving a building that was in demise and returning it to its original glory. That alone is satisfying, but that fact that others can enjoy it too by simply visiting us with their pooch makes it even better,” Milani said.