Small but powerful: Senior Jessica Sloan eyes Broadway

DJ DeBois

Senior Jessica Sloan’s determination and her love and talent for performing make a Broadway-star combination for this aspiring actress.

Morgan White

Senior Jessica Sloan’s determination and her love and talent for performing make a Broadway-star combination for this aspiring actress.

Morgan White, Photographer

Senior Jessica Sloan’s love for theatre can barely be contained in her five-foot stature. Sloan’s comedic acting, star quality performances, and eagerly determined attitude brings a positive light to everyone who knows her. Setting her goals high, this life-long acting fanatic’s future shines bright.

Ambitious and driven, Sloan performed twice at North Cobb’s annual winter talent show, winning third place for a skit co-written with fellow actress, junior Anabel Prince. Prince applauds Sloan’s dependability.

“It’s very clear that Jessica loves what she does. She’s one of my favorite people to work with because I can always count on her to be passionate about our scenes together,” Prince said.

Sloan’s drive for success and love for theatre began young: “When I was six, almost seven, my parents took me to New York for a trip. I got to see see two Broadway shows, so I saw The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. That’s when my love for theatre first started; I was so captivated by all of the dancing and singing and the stories on stage. It was nothing I had really seen before,” she said.

She continued, “I’ve been in part of my church events; but my first real acting experience was when I was in 4th grade and we did the play Aesop’s Fables. I was the milkmaid, and that was really important because the milkmaid scene was a monologue. Trying out for the role for the first time was my first audition ever. I was so nervous! When the teacher put up the list, I was so excited I got the role. I remember when I did it in front of the fifth graders; I had to drop a bucket of milk, but it didn’t spill, so I was like ‘Oh! my pail!’ and I went to like pick it up and “accidentally” kicked it. I had to improv at like fourth grade age.”

Sloan dreams bigger though. She plans on pursuing a degree in Marketing while minoring in Theatre and Advertising, and aspires to one day work for Disney: “I really want to do product development and marketing for Disney, but also maybe work at a theatre company. Disney on Broadway would be perfect.”

While an aspiring businesswoman, she still hopes to pursue acting as a career: “I would really like to try to pursue the career, or even just at Disney, to try to be in the park as a performer or a character. I want to always be performing. That’s one of the things I like about marketing, especially advertising: you have to tell a story.”

Her most recent acting opportunity: acting in North Cobb’s next play, Boy Meets Girl. Close friend, Nick Main, a senior, believes she deserves it: “She’s a great friend. She deserves all the success she has had!”

Only time will tell if Jessica Sloan will become a Broadway name. One thing for sure: any goal set with this kind of drive and ambition is achievable.