#womenagainstfeminism makes reporter want to slam head in wall

#womenagainstfeminism makes reporter want to slam head in wall

Sophia Mackey, Reporter

Women against women hide behind the trending Twitter hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism and tweet absurd selfies with posters explaining why they stand against feminism.

I find the idea of women arguing against feminism baffling. Maybe they just don’t know what feminism means. Feminism means gender equality. Gender equality may be defined by men and women receiving equal treatment.

Feminists ask society to not make a big deal over naturally hairy legs and realistic body types, to not objectify us when we jog on the sidewalk, and to not question our wardrobe if we’re assaulted. These terrible acts tend not to happen to men, so feminists ask society for the same respectful treatment.

Women against feminism commonly argue that inequality between genders doesn’t really exist. They believe gender plays no role in one’s success. Most of the women who make these comments were born with opportunities, presuming inequality to seem like a hoax. However, in less privileged countries, men tell women what they can and cannot wear or do. Some women never suffer in these ways, but in no way does that make the underprivileged women not worth fighting for.

Women against feminism also tend to believe that labeling themselves as feminist carries a negative connotation. Some women refrain from identifying themselves as feminists in fear of others associating them with hairy legs and make-up-less faces. Women, feminist or not, may (but aren’t required to) be interested in stereotypical “girly” customs. Despite being a feminist, I love wearing skirts, applying thick eyeliner, and keeping smooth legs. I simply allow myself to wear shorts even if I haven’t shaved, to wear sneakers instead of heels, or to wear no make-up instead of a dramatic smoky eye.

All women should make their own lifestyle choices and everyone should at least respect, if not agree with, their decisions. Feminism simply means freedom, or, in another term, something no one should fight against and something everyone can protest for.

To see actual #WomenAgainstFeminism tweets, go to this Storify link: https://storify.com/sofamck/womenagainstequality