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Visiting students from Awtrey Middle School admire the work from Mrs. Dowling’s & Mrs. Brewer’s art class. Yesterday marked the beginning of the NC Visual Art class’ annual Art Show; during this exhibition, up and coming art students from all of the NC feeder schools (Barber, Paulding, etc.) come to analyze the art of Brewer’s and Dowling’s class, so as to gain a better understanding of techniques used.

Art takes over NC’s halls!

Ashu Ebot-Tabi, Reporter
December 6, 2018
Today the NC student Art Show starts and students will showcase their artwork in the deal building for the remainder of the week. The Art Show will also give out refreshments during the event. Students work diligently during classes to make their finishing touches on their pieces.

NC’s annual art show

Isabella Keaton, Reporter
April 16, 2018
NC art student volunteers to help arrange a display on the day of the annual art show. The show, put on by the art department, allows students to display their hard work while raising funds for the program. “The annual fall art show is an exciting time for our school community. The art show is our biggest fundraiser for the visual arts department and everything for sale or donation is handmade by students,” NC art teacher Dorothy Reavis said.

The he(art) of NC

Sky Vinson, Photographer, Reporter
December 5, 2017
The art show, hosted on Monday, invited the NC community to view their peer’s artwork and celebrate the young artists' achievements.

Annual art show features best creative minds

Melissa Sagaseta, Reporter, Photographer
April 27, 2016
NC prepares for their art show hosted on April 25 after school. The scheduled time has the show beginning at 6pm and lasts until 8pm.

Art show tonight

April 25, 2016
NC’s art department hosts its art show December 7 from 6:00-8:00PM in the Deal Building. The art department invites both art students and non-art students to present their art before teachers, family, students, and members of the community who come.

Art show next week

December 1, 2015
On December 1st, the North Cobb High School fine arts department will host the 2014 fall art show. The art show serves as a chance for North Cobb students to expose their artistic skills, compete for art-related prizes, and potentially sell their crafts. Save the date and come out Monday night to see a different side to North Cobb and other pieces like this one by senior Remy Usman.

Art Show December 1st

November 21, 2014
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