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You like this job

You like this job

Lindsey O'Neill, Reporter, Artist/Cartoonist
February 10, 2017
Faces in the Night

Faces in the Night

Harrison Glaze, Artist/Cartoonist
October 31, 2016


Harrison Glaze, Artist/Cartoonist
October 4, 2016
Outside the Greenville GOP debate, Trump supporters rep their signs and gear foreshadowing the support following Trump into the primary season.

Trump vs. Clinton: An inevitable outcome

Dylan Kellos, Reporter, photographer
April 25, 2016
These figures show the caucusing in Iowa on February 1 with the blue figures representing the Democratic caucuses and the red figures represent the Republican caucuses. Locked in dead heat, the caucusing has a extremely high turnout and massive competition between candidates in each party this year.

Iowa caucuses surprise, prepare nation

Dylan Kellos, Reporter, Photographer
February 2, 2016
The debate between Democrats highlights a tight race for the Presidential seat between Sanders, Clinton and O’Malley lagging behind.

Sunday’s Dem debate recap: Sanders comes on strong

Dylan Kellos, Reporter, Photographer
January 20, 2016
Last night was the 6th Republican debate with top 7 candidates in the GOP vying for the top job in the world.

GOP debate does little to provide clarity

Dylan Kellos, Reporter, Photographer
January 15, 2016
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