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Magnet senior Ana Barahona sells a cookie to a hungry student as a way to earn money. However, she plans to use the money in a unique way to help others instead of spending it herself. “In the spring, I’m going to a special needs school in Honduras, and I’m using the money to pay for shipping for clothes and school supplies. I needed a way to get money instead of just asking people, so I decided to have a Christmas bake sale,” Barahona said. Students can find her in the Magnet Lounge selling Christmas tree rice krispies, hot chocolate cookies, and white chocolate popcorn for $1.50.

Cookies for sale

Jenny Loveland, Staff
December 4, 2019
Students look mournfully upon the Magnet lounge door as it renders closed today due to the unremarkable mess left by students on Monday. “I’m mad, I eat lunch there everyday,” junior Grace Nthale said. When it reopens, hopefully certain Magnet students will stay considerate of their trash and mess produced during lunch.

Magnet Lounge closed

Jessica Joachim, Reporter, Photographer
September 18, 2018
These six juniors start off their week in the Magnet lounge by socializing and studying. To prepare for the day ahead, these students come together every morning to discuss homework and other class assignments. The quiet and peaceful environment of the Magnet lounge provides the ideal location for Magnet students to study and get their work done.

Magnet Lounge encourages early birds

Michelle Lin, Photographer
August 20, 2018
NC administration warns students in the magnet program they will lose their lounge privileges if students continue to leave messes in the area.

Magnet students beware

February 5, 2016
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