Magnet Warrior football team to dominate on field and test scores


Alex O'Brien

Magnet football field will help stand NC apart from other magnets across the county.

Andrew Lubbers, Sports editor

NC Magnet students filled the lounge with pride early this morning as magnet director Dave Stephenson announced that an expansion football team will emerge from the county-famous International Studies program.

“We feel we are at that point where we can compete with other schools at all levels, including on the field,” Stephenson said.

The program will field a roster consisting entirely of Magnet students and begin with spring football in May. They will play their first game in August against the defending AAAAAA champion Colquitt County Packers.

“We felt it was super important to challenge our students… excuse me, student-athletes early on in the schedule,” Head Coach and Macroeconomics teacher Dr. Roach said.

The Magnet Warriors will share a field with the old football team until their multi-million dollar turf stadium is built and ready in the fall. Like most Magnet privileges, a Magnet badge will be required for entry.

“This is a big step not only for us, but for the other programs across the county who are looking to go above and beyond,” Stephenson said.

The expansion football team is the first of its kind and has thus far received mixed reviews from faculty, students, and most importantly, its athletes.

“Well, I was fine with the normal team but I guess I’ll get a chance to play earlier,” freshman quarterback Kyle Terry said.

Athletes will use the magnet lounge as a locker room (I’ve never been in there so I assume it’s big enough).

Coach Queen declined to comment.

April Fool’s, you fool!

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