Why do CCSD magnet students choose NC?


Bianca Farfan-Hernandez

The magnet program provides magnet students with an open lounge where students can work, eat lunch, and host meetings before and after school. Both James Auld, the magnet coordinator, and Leasa Bonilla, the magnet clerk, provide the students with an abundance of resources so that they can achieve all their goals. “I chose NC as it provided better opportunities for me as compared to my districted high school. I feel like I have achieved more through the magnet program as opposed to staying in my district. There was also more for me to be involved in at NC, like the clubs, games and people,” senior magnet student Allison Castaneda said.

Bianca Farfan-Hernandez, Reporter

CCSD Magnet programs attract students outside of their districted schools who wish to take certain classes that their assigned school does not offer. NC’s magnet program began in 2006 and now includes 360 magnet students from 40 different middle schools. The program specializes in international studies emphasizing the views of global politics, international culture, scientific understandings, and global communication. NC magnet students blend with the main population student body as they participate in clubs, sports, and non-magnet classes. These activities allow magnet students to enjoy a fulfilling high school experience.

“I chose the NC magnet program because NC had a lot of different languages to choose from such as Japanese that other schools in Cobb County do not offer. NC also makes you take AP Seminar and Research which helps you prepare better for college,” magnet senior Rakin Khoja said.

When choosing a school, potential students want to look into what courses the school offers and how the school can academically improve the student. NC offers a variety of languages spanning from American Sign Language to German. Students can also take unique classes such as AP Biology, and the AP Research/AP Environmental Science bundle. Students from out of the district who want a chance to take these interesting classes should consider joining NC magnet. 

Magnet offers yearly world trips that allow students to travel and experience the world beyond the halls of NC. These trips do not just provide fun vacations but also learning experiences. On these trips, the magnet students learn about agriculture, the locals’ way of living, and the unique language and vocabulary. Interested Freshmen travel to Costa Rica and Panama every February, and the class of 2023 will visit Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand in June. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year’s junior trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London became rescheduled for April 2022, almost a year after its original date. Seniors normally travel to Washington, DC every November, but the COVID-19 restrictions will prevent the senior trip this year. 

Numerous students zoned for NC also apply and accept enrollment at NC’s magnet program. This allows students within the NC district to experience the challenge and advantages that magnet offers. Magnet requires each grade level to take specific classes. For example, freshmen must take AP human geography, Magnet biology, and Magnet 9th Grade Literature.

“I wanted to be surrounded by people who had the same goals and motivation as me and I also wanted to have challenging classes because I felt like it would help me grow,” senior magnet student Jocelyn Arce said.

The majority of the magnet students become part of the program to gain a head start in college. Magnet students that exceed to college frequently pass ahead of the rest of the freshmen in college due to the AP and magnet classes. Magnet also provides a variety of ways to help magnet students prepare for college. Students also join for the trips and for a better environment around them.