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People tend to set or work on their New Year goals or resolutions with the wrong approach. Either by setting up broad unattainable goals or not making a plan on how they will reach their goal, people can inadvertently set up their new year to nearly flop. People also tend to set numerous goals, which also leads to overwhelming themselves and giving up, as they should choose a specific goal to stick to. They also need to set their goals on a miniature scale, and break it up into tiny goals, in order to not become overwhelmed.

New year, new goals

Divine Idiku, Reporter
January 23, 2023
The second month of 2021 began last week. With COVID-19 skyrocketing, coming up with goals and new year resolutions may place too much stress on people. Many people put New Year’s resolutions on hold this year.

New Year with a new normal

Ren Lloyd, Reporter
February 12, 2021
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