Mr. Noblet heads up Freshman Academy, helps make positive changes with high expectations


Nneoma Igwedibie

Mr. Noblet checks in with students in the freshman academy cafeteria.

Fatima Elfakahany, Reporter, Photographer

Students may recognize Mr. Noblet monitoring the halls or prowling the bus lot, making sure students maintain order or get to class on time, but most do not realize he has shifted offices into the Freshman Academy.

“Being a freshman administrator is different than being an administrator in the general building. Freshman have more rules, routines, and structure in place to help ease the transition from middle school to high school. Once they get into high school,  they’re all young adults, so we do hold them accountable for their actions,” Noblet said.

In middle school, students often find petty mischief easier to pull off. Noblet wants to ensure that freshmen gain a sense of maturity upon beginning high school.

“Once they get to high school, we don’t tolerate behavioral issues or classroom disruptions. We’re here to make sure that they get a good education, pass all their classes, prepare themselves for tenth grade, and ultimately graduate and go to college,” Noblet said.

“We have to sometimes spend a little more time explaining why a rule is in place to make sure they really understand they need to follow it. Obviously, upperclassmen have been around long enough, and they have enough common sense to realize to act like adults. Sometimes it takes the freshmen a little bit longer to realize how they’re supposed to behave.”

Noblet set strict goals for the class of 2018 and makes them clear. He wishes to increase attendance percentages and decrease behavioral referrals.

“The more they’re not here, the less they’re able to learn, so obviously the more they’re in the building, the more time our teachers have to fully educate them. At the same time, if they’re misbehaving, they’re sitting in ISS or OSS and they’re not learning the material, and we want all the students to be successful, so that’s a major goal,” Noblet said.

Overall, Mr. Noblet wants to impose guidance, structure, and keep the freshmen in line.