Ribbon cutting ceremony officially opens new theatre and gymnasium


Isabella Keaton

Principal Matthew Moody and Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Matthew Williams celebrated the opening of the new Arena and Performing Arts Center with the historic ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, July 31. The administrative staff, faculty, and student body thanked the EverGreen construction team and the community leaders by providing refreshments and cake after the ceremony.

Isabella Keaton, Features Editor

After two years of construction, NC celebrated the opening of its new gymnasium and theatre with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, July 31. Project executive Bill McCorkle oversaw the construction of the two buildings by the EverGreen staff.

“It’s a facility our entire community from first graders to seniors can be proud of because it’s going to be here forever, and I’m excited for the city of Kennesaw and the city of Acworth to see this beautiful place,” principal Matthew Moody said.

Funded by educational one-cent tax referendum, Special Purpose Local Optional Sales Tax (SPLOST), NC underwent a tremendous upgrade in infrastructure transforming the Performing Arts Center from leaky ceilings, broom closet-sized backstage areas, and a 300 seat audience to a new building totaling 30,600 square feet, with five vanities in both boys and girls’ dressing rooms, and a 750 seat audience.

“I think the ribbon cutting is a way for us to say thank you to the taxpayers because it was all paid for with SPLOST and also the community leaders and teachers,” principal Matthew Moody said.

The new gymnasium, also known as the “Arena,” ignites excitement from basketball players, volleyball players, and spectators alike as they walked into the new building for the first time. The building features a floating track on the second floor, a horseshoe shaped seating area, and totals 67,210 square feet with seats for up to 3,000 people.

“The new gymnasium is great just because of the size. In the old gym, if we set up two courts, they would be squeezed up against the wall, so in here there’s a lot more space between the court and the wall,” volleyball coach Stephen Sansing said.

For the sports players and fine arts performers, the new buildings give a confidence boost and will inspire harder work on the court and the stage.

“I’m really looking forward to performing in the new Black Box theatre. The space is so cool, and I can’t wait to see how the lights will look onstage as we make the room into whatever we want it to be,” Drama Club president and senior Hope Kutsche said.

When the Performing Arts Center first opened in the spring, NC Standing Ovation performed Hairspray with its biggest cast and crew of 65 students. NC Standing Ovation hopes to put on Shrek the Musical this school year and plans to include more students in both the cast and crew to fill the 29,000 square foot stage.

“I think it will make students more excited to work hard at becoming better athletes and performers,” athletic director and assistant principal Matthew Williams said.

With the entire 22.6 million dollar project of both the construction of the Performing Arts Center and gym totaling 99,400, the staff anticipates stricter rules in the areas to keep the facilities in top shape. NC will hold their first all-school pep rally to kickoff the football season on August 17, which will include all 2,822 students.

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