When in America


Naoshin Kaiser

Aupic represents her nationality while tackling a new language, Spanish, in America. She speaks English, French, and Spanish at advanced levels, giving her the foundation to speak all three fluently.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter/Photographer

From the tiny town of Issoudun, France, sophomore Camille Goulet Aupic arrived at NC for a new experience outside of her home school of just 860 students. As an exchange student this year, she hopes to venture into an American lifestyle and experience a new culture. Goulet Aupic will spend her sophomore year with her host family and new peers at NC.

“I was bored in France and wanted to do something new. I wanted to experience an Americanized school, live with an American family, and practice my English,” Goulet Aupic said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Goulet Aupic spends her school day like any typical high school student. This semester, her schedule consists of Honors Algebra 2, Astronomy, Team Sports, and Honors Spanish. As the school day comes to an end, she goes back home to her host family, the Crowes.  The Crowe family welcomed Goulet Aupic into their household on July 22nd.

Photo courtesy of Camille Goulet Aupic
Sophomores Camille Goulet Aupic (right) and Sydney Crowe (left) spend every weekend together, as Crowe’s family contributes to providing the perfect “American” experience for Goulet Aupic.

At first, Goulet Aupic felt nervous about meeting them, but they greeted her with kindness and consideration. Sydney Crowe, a sophomore and part of the host family, guides Goulet Aupic through her American adventure.

“We want to go to as many places [in the United States] as possible because we want her to see more than just Georgia,” Crowe said.

Crowe and Goulet Aupic have created a strong bond since Goulet Aupic arrived in the States. Crowe appreciates the fact that she shares her time with someone that carries a different background that she can learn from.

“One thing I’ll miss [when Goulet Aupic leaves] is having a best friend live with you,” Crowe said.

Crowe takes French at NC and wanted to further the learning process, so the foreign exchange program seemed like a perfect opportunity for her. She also plans to participate in an exchange student program herself at one point, and looks forward to experiencing new cultures and learning French in new ways.

Crowe advises that everyone must maintain an adventurous perspective and invest into the foreign exchange program because it serves as an unforgettable experience for her.

Goulet Aupic brings specific goals for her first time in the United States. She hopes to participate in extracurriculars, such as volunteering in rescue shelters or participating in other clubs that help animals. Since her arrival in America, she has gone hiking, horseback riding, and tried American pizza.

“American pizza is very different from French pizza,” Goulet Aupic said.

Goulet Aupic and her host family plan to travel to Maine in September, Disney World in December, and New York in January to see what the United States has to offer.

Goulet Aupic does not plan to stop her wanderlust just in the US. In the future, Goulet Aupic wants to travel to a multitude of destinations and live a new lifestyle in each location. She hopes to take on a new job in each country she visits and experience new living styles to learn more about different cultures and traditions.

Goulet Aupic’s excitement only grows as she completes her school year with her new peers at NC and with the Crowe family.  

“The advice I’d give to anyone is to think more worldly and open-minded, and try [hosting] your own exchange student,” Crowe said.