A spotlight on Standing Ovation’s tech team


Nia-Simone Sherwood

Ginette Samu works on controlling mic sounds for NPR speaker, Adhiti Bandlamudi’s presentation. With the new Performing Arts Center, Tech members get a chance at working with new equipment.

Nia-Simone Sherwood, Reporter, Videographer

NC’s Standing Ovation provides a creative environment for students to express themselves through theatre opportunities. The abundant hours of rehearsals allow actors to showcase their best portrayals on stage. However, a drama department without the backbone of a strong Tech team would suffer on and off the stage.

“Although actors play a huge role in theater, Tech is what adds the magic to it. Without Tech, you wouldn’t have lights, sound, costumes, or sets. It would just be normal looking people saying their lines. Tech helps bring a show alive,” junior Niara Minnifield said.

Responsible for the technical and physical aspects of performing a show, Standing Ovation’s Tech team works just as hard to provide engaging entertainment for the audience. The Tech team stays after school to build sets, gather costumes and props, manage sound, and run through lighting arrangements. Students take on different positions as stage managers, set designers, and hair and makeup crew. Skilled team members work diligently in performing their tasks to meet show deadlines.  

“Our responsibilities change depending on the show. I recently just learned how to build sets and use different tools. Working backstage and being part of the behind the scenes is worth it,” junior Kevin Young said.  

Senior Cindy Bishop, a part of the theatre program since her freshman year, works as a Tech member and a stage performer. Bishop knows the responsibilities of both the acting and technology facets of a show, and knows that nothing could happen correctly without an efficient Tech team.

“If it is a sound or light problem, it’s just a matter of the actors staying calm on stage and then us (Tech) trying to troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes it can be fixed, other times it can’t. It’s just a matter of fixing the problem before the next show rather than just freaking out in the moment,” Bishop said.

NC recently opened the new Performing Arts Center (PAC) on July 31. The building allowed the drama class to move from working in the crammed Black Box located next to the gym, to performing in their own luxurious building. The new stage gives Tech more space for set pieces and props during shows, therefore giving the whole theatre team more space for improvement.

With the major improvements, Tech can set up lighting arrangements more proficiently, manage audio and microphones, and communicate with actors when needed. So far, Tech worked on the show Hairspray in the new building and continues to learn and accommodate to their new and improved environment.

Tech requires complete dedication and effort from each individual. In times of mishaps and technical difficulties, members must resolve the problem quickly and discreetly to keep the show flowing. The Tech team views themselves as a family, and rely on one another during performances.

“I love acting, but I also love being a part of Tech. You connect with the actors more by helping them out on stage and making them look good by working behind the scenes,” sophomore Ginette Samu said.