Lady Warriors’ victory in their 1st round of state playoffs


Julyana Ayache

NC’s Lady Warriors defeated Wheeler’s Wildcats at their 1st State Game on Saturday, Oct. 20. Warriors finished their fall season moving into state games and walked off the court with another immense win. Lady Warriors won their 1st state game to move on to their 2nd state game, known as the “Sweet 16.” “I was so proud of the team; they really fought for the win. In each set, I think we put in immense effort. I’m sad about the season ending, but I’m proud about the way that it ended. We really did our best in that game, and I’m really gonna miss my team. I couldn’t ask for a better family,” sophomore Tristan Ash said.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer

The NC Lady Warriors’ Varsity volleyball team defeated the Wheeler Wildcats at their first round of state competition at Walton High School on Saturday, October 20. Following their winning streak from the last regional matches, the Lady Warriors, fueled with perseverance and determination, refused to accept defeat.

“It felt amazing winning a round in the state playoffs as someone who started volleyball two years ago. During the game, I was wired and never lost sight of the team’s goal. I made sure I was the drive and motivation for my team every time I stepped foot on the court. After the game, it felt surreal because most of my family came out to support,” sophomore Christina Pratcher said.

Lady Warriors kicked off the game with intense energy and quickly pulled a strong lead. Warriors easily won the first set, 25-8—this lead in the score only bolstered the Lady Warriors’ stamina. Throughout the second set, the players continued to thrive, focusing on defense, and maintaining their lead with a closer score of 25-20.

“Between each set, we would just remind each other that we have to keep going and play for each other and our school. When we won, it was like a weight off our shoulders, as well as reassurance to us to know we could keep winning and go further in the playoffs,” Varsity player and senior Allison Weigle said.

The Wildcats improved in their second set, but the Lady Warriors stayed one step ahead. By the third set, at 23 points, NC began bringing in swing players from the JV Volleyball team. The final set concluded with NC conquering the court, 25-14. The incredible win carried Lady Warriors to the second round of state playoffs.

“I couldn’t get over how happy I was for my teammates. I know that we all have worked very hard to get where we are and that we deserved every second of our win of the game. I love watching and being a part of a team that works hard no matter what,” JV swing player and sophomore Kalana Garner said.