Basketball team looks forward to growth


Dehlin Lee

The Warriors and Hawks set up on the free throw line in the fourth quarter. Earning the extra point due to the foul against NC, the Hawks put up more points on the scoreboard, eventually leading to their win. The Hawks defeated the Warriors in the fourth quarter with less than four minutes on the clock.

Dehlin Lee, Reporter, Photographer

Falling short in the last few minutes of the game Wednesday, February 6 against fifth-ranked Hillgrove Hawks, NC’s varsity boys basketball season comes to an abrupt halt. The close final score of 50-45 in the first game of the region tournament meant the Warriors’ season has come to a close.

Dehlin Lee
Basketball players looked over to the sideline to receive signs and plays from Head Coach Terry Gorsuch. “We will continue to get better and we are looking to improve in all areas for next season,” Coach Gorsuch said.

As seniors take in the final moments of the season, they say goodbye to NC basketball and their final game played with the team. They fought hard through the season but came just short of the win.

The Warriors led through the first and most of the second half, putting NC in the lead at half time with a score of 22-18. Coming back with a strong defense in the fourth quarter with four minutes left, the Hawks held the Warriors’ score in place and employed strong offense to put up points against NC. With an overall record of 14 wins and 11 losses, the Warriors made the best of their season.

“I hope to improve next year and end the season with 17 wins, host playoff games, and make it to the region championship,” sophomore Tyler Gorsuch said.

Dehlin Lee
Junior Fred Woods went up against Hillgrove player on a one-on-one.Using strong offense and the help of his teammates, Woods made a basket, giving the Warriors two more points in the third quarter with minutes to go for the final quarter.

NC will continue to host this year’s region tournament even though they did not win and will not move on to the playoffs. NC proudly hosts events, no matter if they participate or not, and always welcomes schools from all over the county. Although NC will not move on to the playoffs, the NC community admires the hard work and dedication that players put into the season.

“We were the youngest team in the region and had to overcome three injuries to finish the regular season; our players truly played as a team,” Head Coach Terry Gorsuch said. Despite the season coming to an end, doors open for improvement and new opportunities next season.

Dehlin Lee
NC players prepare to line up along the free throw line after fouling against the Hawks. The Warriors went through the second half of the game with only two fouls against the team. “We are looking to increase in our athleticism to improve next season,” Head coach Terry Gorsuch said.

“We’re returning with six underclassmen with significant experience, so the expectations will be high,” Coach Gorsuch said.