New AP HuG teacher


Elyssa Abbott, Features Editor

Magnet freshmen enter the doors of NC, unsure of what to expect. AP Human Geography, a required Magnet class, marks the beginning of the international studies program. In years past, James Auld taught this course, helping ninth graders with the transition to high school. Auld recently received a promotion to Magnet coordinator and passed the job to Mrs. Emily Hogarth. 

Coming from Campbell High School, Hogarth begins her sixth year of teaching social studies to students. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in History Education, never straying away from the subject in years following. Social studies spoke to her due to its relevance, with AP Human Geography topping the list for her favorite classes to teach. 

“Geography is influencing us in our daily lives whether we know it or not. We are all carrying cell phones and assisting the study of geography by using navigation apps,” Hogarth said. 

High schoolers deeply understand the nerves behind starting a new school. Teaching freshmen this year, Hogarth feels connected to her students as she begins a new chapter in her life as well. Similar to freshmen, Hogarth describes navigating the NC campus as her main struggle. The maze of buildings and hallways confuses every new face that enters the building. 

Along with teaching freshmen, she also advises a freshman homeroom. She occasionally finds herself unable to answer questions from her advisement regarding the locations of classrooms, since she feels like a new student as well. Her previous school, Campbell, also a large campus, still does not compare to the confusing cut-throughs of NC.

“Everyone is very supportive at North Cobb and is happy to help direct you to the correct part of the building,” Hogarth said.

Prior to Auld’s promotion to Magnet Coordinator, AP Human Geography stood as his staple subject. Passing down his teaching responsibility to Hogarth, Auld feels confident that the current Magnet freshmen remain in good hands. He also recognizes that coming from Campbell High School, an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, Hogarth possesses a vast amount of experience in advanced placement and the types of students in the NC Magnet program.

“I have no doubts that Ms. Hogarth is capable of teaching an advanced class in an advanced program, such as Magnet,” Auld said. 

Looking ahead on the year, Hogarth set goals for herself, her students, and the Magnet program as a whole. She aspires to open the eyes of students to their world outside of NC, Acworth, Georgia, and even the United States. Teaching a course in an International Studies program encourages thinking to become global, which Hogarth hopes to help her students do as well. She aspires to stir up excitement about geography from Magnet freshmen, as she exposes them to cultures and events around the world. Hogarth feels enthusiastic to teach concepts to students that will relate to things outside of the classroom, in addition to benefiting them in the long run by helping them to acquire college credit through the course. 

“She is a really great teacher and explains things well. Human geography is a notoriously difficult subject, especially as a freshman, but Ms. Hogarth makes the class enjoyable and teaches the subject successfully. I am very excited to hopefully score well on the AP exam in spring because of her,” Magnet freshman Alexis Christian said. 

Hogarth aims to expand her knowledge of the traditions of NC and see the continued success and growth of the International Studies program this school year. With Auld’s confidence in her, she hopes to fill his shoes and accomplish her goals for the year.