Pep rally: Let’s go Warriors!


Estefany Perdomo-Montoya

Tensions ran high as students anxiously watch the cross country team compete against the football players in a game of tug a war. Senior Jayden Walker used every muscle in his body to pull the rope, and despite their diligence, the football players ultimately lost to the girls’ cross country team. Perhaps it helped that Coaches Tener, Rainey, and finally, Queen were working against their own players to the delight of the roaring crowd.

Hanna Luck and Estefany Perdomo-Montoya

Starting off the football season, NC students prepared for their first home game of the season with the energetic band and cheerleader performances, a substantial tug of war competition and an enthusiastic crowd on August 30. Students enjoyed the first pep rally of the year, meeting up with friends, watching the entertaining and impressive performances, and just feeling the positive energy radiate from the crowd. The freshmen this year grasped the lively energy as they experienced their first NC pep rally. 

“I am excited to see the cheerleaders because my sister is a cheerleader a told me that the marching band is really good, [so] I am excited to hear how they will do. I’ll be going to the game tonight so I think it will pump me up,” freshman Victoria Sorrell said.

The event began with performances from the band and Colorguard, along with both the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders on the sidelines. As students entered the arena, the volume of the crowd increased. Amongst the chanting and roaring, senior Tribal Connections member KC Enziomume took the stage. 

While students and teachers eagerly awaited for NC’s football team to enter the court, NC’s Lady Warriors volleyball team entered first, with Coach Sansing by their side. The softball team followed, bringing high energy and the Lady Warriors cross country ran out, zealous and excited. The football team came out last, ready to take on the first game of the season. Head Football Coach Shane Queen made his first appearance with a warrior clap.

Students awed and cheered as cheerleaders gave an impeccable performance, with action-packed backflips, an amazing basket toss, and vibrant orange and blue garments representing school colors. Embracing the energetic atmosphere, softball players faced off the cheerleaders in a tug of war competition, and football players took on volunteering students and staff.             

To further excite students, orange and white balloons floated through the air while Coach Queen showed his school spirit with a salute to all grades. NC’s marching band and Colorguard played an impressive performance as the pep rally concluded. 

Looking back on the pep rally, Magnet senior Rahel Kefetew (who organized the pep rally with help from senior and Student Organizer Priscilla Peterson), reflected on the journey and the stress preceding it.

“I think the craziest thing about running a pep rally is no matter how prepared you feel going into it, everything still manages to get hectic [on the] day of, and this pep rally was no different. This being the first one of the year and us only having a small amount of time to plan it, I was definitely stressed. But I think it went great, not only because I had an amazing team backing me up, but because I had an amazing student body cheering me on,” Kefetew said.