Musical review: the 70s


Luis Ponce

This art piece focuses on the popular artists and bands in the 70s in comparison to the 21st century, the early 2000s mainly. The 70s-primarily disco, spoke to the generation with popular artists such as The Bee Gees singing the hit “Stayin Alive,” Gloria Gaynor singing “I Will Survive”, Abba with their hit “Dancing Queen” and a plethora of others. These artists emulated the disco lifestyle. In addition to disco, Classic rock and pop groups like The Doobie Brothers, Queen with the classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Toto with popular songs “Hold the Line” and “Africa”, and other groups became the voices of the generation. Just as the 21st century, especially the early 2000s, relied on mainstream pop, R&B, and hip hop. Artists like Alicia Keys singing “If I Ain’t Got You,” Kelly Clarkson winning the inaugural season of American Idol with hits like “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger”, Adele singing “Someone Like You” and others fed into the mainstream ruled generation.

Hannah Luck, Staff

Music allows people to enjoy and express themselves with its style, lyrics, and emotional effect. Looking back at the 70s in terms of music, the rise of disco and classic rock comes to mind. Disco heavily influenced the era, becoming a movement and lifestyle. This shaped the era and culture, making music more than just something one listens to. Dancing in disco clubs and enjoying the music created a peaceful yet lively escape.

By comparison to the 70s, the early 2000s became a threshold for talented pop and R&B artists to share their voices. Both eras provided people with new styles of popular genres. Beginning In the early 2000s, pop became electronic-based, while 70s classic rock and disco relied on elements of guitar, piano, and drums.  

The new millennium brought technological advances and sparked an interesting shift from the beloved sounds of the 20th century. Hip hop, R&B, and pop transitioned into mainstream music genres, replacing the classic rock and disco-influenced 70s sounds. Although the two eras differ in a multitude of ways, music maintained its influence on people and helped them to persevere through the bad times, enjoy the good, and to look toward the future.

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