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courtesy of The CW, Seattle

Similar to other CW series, In The Dark focuses on a murder mystery, alcoholism, and Murphy Mason’s relationship problems, all while highlighting her everyday routine as a blind woman. After she finds her close friend, Tyson, murdered, she becomes involved with criminals and drug dealers.

Elyssa Abbott, Features Editor

In The Dark, a show about a blind woman who finds herself caught up in a murder hit television screens everywhere on April 4 on The CW but did not become popular until it released on Netflix on July 5. The show highlights the struggles blind people face every day, which does not typically involve murder, unlike Murphy Mason. The show dives deep into the struggles Murphy faces, chief among them alcoholism and trouble connecting with people. Viewers found the lack of victimization towards Murphy, as a blind woman, refreshing as the show highlights Murphy’s lack of motivation and alcohol problem. The depressed blind woman does not use her blindness as a weakness or crutch throughout the show, but rather uses it to make herself a stronger person.

Murphy, a painfully honest woman in her 20s, only maintains two stable relationships in her life: one with her roommate, Jess and the other with Tyson, a teenager that saved her from a mugging. Tyson and Murphy instantly bonded, but her life fell apart when she stumbled upon his lifeless body in an alley. She left to call the cops and upon her return, the body disappeared. Due to her blindness, the police doubted that Murphy felt his body that night. Strong-willed Murphy did not give up and finding Tyson became the one thing holding her together.

Finally, Tyson’s mother reported him missing and the police became involved in the investigation. Murphy develops a close relationship with the lead detective on the case, Dean, and together the two discover that Tyson was involved with a drug dealer. Dean’s blind daughter Chloe latches herself onto Murphy, viewing her as a mother figure after her own passed. Murphy and Dean find themselves in a new world filled with drug lords and questionable boyfriends that Murphy cannot seem to keep. Eventually, police find Tyson’s body in a lake, strangled and shot.

After a messy breakup between Murphy and Max, an owner of a food truck that also launders money to Tyson’s uncle, a leader of the drug ring, fingers start to point to members of the drug ring. However, the real murderer does not involve a drug dealer, surprisingly. By the end of season one, Murphy faces an even bigger problem once finding out who murdered Tyson and why. Although viewers may find the plot difficult to follow at times, the show captivates the audience, making it a binge-worthy series. 

“I personally love In The Dark because it not only entertains me with a murder mystery but also with Murphy’s witty humor,” Magnet junior Abby Corley said.

Fans appreciate Murphy’s dark humor mixed in with a suspenseful murder. In The Dark watchers anticipate season two to understand where Murphy stands with the closing of the case and how she sorts out the aftermath of her close friend’s murder. Although Murphy stands as the main character, the other characters in the series all hold ties to Tyson’s murder, so fans feel excited to see what becomes of Max and Jess, as well as Murphy’s protege, Chloe. 

The Chant’s Grade: A+