A Recap of Season Five Part A of Fuller House: The Farewell Season


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For years, children and families of the late 1980s and early 1990s watched Full House weekly, learning valuable lessons about the importance of family for all of its eight seasons. After ending in 1995, fans always hoped for a reboot of the series that would bring those iconic characters back into mainstream pop culture. As the rebooted series makes its way into part one of its farewell season, the characters will continue to grow and change, experiencing new challenges and relationships within their large family.

Hannah Luck, Staff

When Fuller House debuted in 2016, millions of previously dedicated Full House fans ecstatically waited for the show’s new episodes, original characters included. After four seasons and the creation of a large fan base, Netflix announced that the show would end after its fifth season. As of December 6, Netflix released Part A of the farewell season, with nine episodes showcasing the challenges Stephanie’s (Jodie Sweetin) newborn child DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure) must face, as well as her relationship with Steve (Scott Weinger). 

The season starts with the arrival of Stephanie’s newborn child Danielle: throughout the episode, her doula helps her adjust to parenthood, hilariously irritating both DJ, Stephanie’s older sister(who feels betrayed and unwelcomed by her sister) and Danny (Bob Saget) (who feels like he no longer fulfills a meaningful purpose). Within the next two episodes, Stephanie adjusts to her new lifestyle, struggling to keep her schedule in order and find her career path. Her fiance Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch) decides to stay near home, purchasing a sandwich shop as a way to support his new family. 

These episodes establish the main themes and challenges of the season, all later addressed and solved throughout the remaining nine episodes. Throughout the season, DJ grows her relationship with Steve, realizing she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Stephanie grow into their newfound roles as parents along with their new sandwich shop business; Ramona begins her new relationship, and her parents Kimmy and Fernando find where they stand in their long-time engagement. With every episode, a new challenge arrives. 

After the third episode, the show undergoes a shift of sorts, infusing the show with extravagant dance numbers and comedic scenes absent from the season’s start. The sixth episode, in particular, revolves around DJ’s birthday (planned by Steve), with an amazing race challenge that ties in the comedy that viewers know and love. 

After DJ realizes her love for Steve, she longs for engagement and excitedly enjoys her 40th birthday, hoping for an engagement at the end of the day. Steve fails to propose, leaving DJ heartbroken. This episode plays an important role in the season, giving viewers hope for a potential engagement while also foreshadowing the final episode. The problems that DJ faced in the first season(deciding between ex-boyfriend Matt and ex-boyfriend  Steve), come back around this season with particular attention placed on focusing DJ’s relationship with Steve.

The final episode of Part A sees DJ helps sister Stephanie plan a surprise proposal for her fiance Fernando. The event eventually, results in the engagement of Steve and DJ. By the end of the episode, DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie reflects on the beginning of their life together over the past three years, showing the growth over the past five seasons. This made for an interesting turn of events and dissolved the common plot that reboots tend to follow. The episode overall established a cliffhanger, for viewers hoping to find out what happens next with DJ and Steve’s marriage.

Overall, Part A of Season Five provided a hilarious and meaningful insight into the progressing relationships of Stephanie, DJ and Kimmy as well as the overall importance of unity within a household. Fuller House,    allows families to laugh and relive the beloved Full House characters, and enjoy the second generation. Although the show is coming to an end, the viewers look forward to part B of the season in the events of DJ’s marriage, Stephanie’s parenthood and the growing reality that, no matter what, family remains an important factor.