A look at the Deal Building


Beth Hudson, Reporter


The Deal Building includes classes such as fine arts, culinary arts, and all math classes. With hundreds of students passing within its halls, the Deal Building holds an important place in NC with 2021 marking 16 years since the building’s grand opening. From altering NC’s culinary program with a professional kitchen to helping the band extend their practice space, the Deal Building revolutionized the Fine Arts program at NC, changing both the school and its students too.

 Prior to the Deal Building’s arrival, math classes occurred in trailer classrooms located on the current bus lot and faculty parking location. Along with math courses,  Fine Arts classes spread out throughout the campus. The building became a new part of North Cobb majorly to give the math teachers a new place to teach and provided fine arts classes with a home.  

Around the time of the deal building’s construction, Nola Deal took the position of one of the assistant principals of NC. The school named the Deal building after him in honor of his positive actions towards NC and his heavy involvement in the building of the Deal Building. 

“Back then if you didn’t have a tie on [for graduation] you didn’t walk. And so, he would bring fifteen or twenty ties to make sure that all of the boys had ties on so they could walk,” Renee Brown, a British literature teacher at North Cobb, said.  

Before the Deal Building, band classes took place in the original Black Box Theater located by the P.E. classrooms and weight training. Much like its name, the room occupies a square space on campus with black painted walls and ceiling. After opening to the public, they migrated to a much larger classroom across from the current Orchestra room allowing their congregation to build. In addition, the room serves as a multipurpose space with room to practice, lockers to store instruments, and even office spaces.  

“The band was really excited because they used to be in what is the old, old black box theater so, it was really, really, small. So, when the band got a new band room, they thought they had died and gone to heaven because all of a sudden they had all this room. I mean think about it, the black box theater in and of itself was not a very big room. I mean you could pretty much put two black box theaters in the band room now,” Brown said.  

Another benefit of the Deal Building came with the amenities given NC’s successful culinary program. Before construction, Culinary classes took place in the Home-EC department in Coach Tenner’s current classroom. At the time, the class had six stovetops available for students to cook with. Now the class can use a commercial kitchen and have much more space to move around in.  

“When they first premiered it, it was the primo in the county. It was the first time anything like that had ever been done and so we were the first ones to get a real professional cooking area, so that was just unheard of,” Brown said. 

The year 2005 marked new beginnings for teachers and students due to the Deal Building. It granted more space, new facilities and so much more to North Cobb. The fine arts became easily accessible in one space, culinary arts received a new kitchen, and math teachers got brand new classrooms. Hopefully, the Deal Building can continue to provide a great place of learning for another sixteen years and more following that.