Mostly Mutts fundraising organization  


Courtesy of Mostly Mutts Market

An organization called Mostly Mutts came together 20 years ago to help abandoned dogs find homes. The organization sought help through fundraising to continue to provide aid for homeless dogs. In an effort to achieve this goal, the organization opened a thrift store called Mostly Mutts Market in which all of the proceeds help the dogs with rehabilitation. Support them as they educate the public on the welfare of these animals by visiting their store. “I love this thrift store. They are always getting in fun and interesting items. It’s a clean and nicely displayed store. The volunteers there are really helpful too. All of the money goes to animal rescue efforts in our area, and they have great prices and sometimes sales,” a customer from the market, Suzi Hickman said.

Racheal Oni, Reporter

The Mostly Mutt non-profit organization opened a thrift store toward the end of March 2020 in Acworth, Georgia, called  Mostly Mutts market. The organization strives to raise funds and awareness to aid homeless pets. Mostly Mutts exemplifies an organization that works closely with animal control officers in order to save adoptable dogs, many dogs come in injured, homeless, or in need of rehabilitation. Mostly Mutts provides each dog with shelter, healthcare, training, and both physical and emotional care until they find new permanent homes. The locally beloved company hosts weekly adoption events at an adoption center located in downtown Kennesaw in an effort to help dogs find new forever homes. 

The owner of the shelter, Cheryl Hill, established the sheltering organization in the year 2000 after purchasing a small property in Acworth. She began the shelter with only a few dogs, personally paying for all expenses involved with the operation and care of the adorable animals. The Mostly Mutts shelter now houses approximately seventy-five dogs, with a mission to rescue, provide sanctuary, and re-home abandoned dogs. The company generally does not own cats, but the few ones they own come to them due to special circumstances. The company also wants to educate the public on the welfare, and rights of America’s favorite furry friends.

The organization opened a community aid thrift store called Mostly Mutts Market, a year-round shopping destination located at 6065 Highway 92 Acworth, to find great deals and discounts on brand new and pre-owned items, the market will open on Wednesdays to Sundays from March 6 to March 30. The animal shelter receives all of the profits earned. 

 “The Mostly Mutts Market is a wonderful store with dedicated volunteers who are helping Mostly Mutts realize its mission of reducing the number of animals in kill shelters. All proceeds go to the mutts and kittens. The store is organized by like items, making for a fun shopping experience. Quality items, helpful volunteers, and a great mission create a top-notch establishment,” Jane Goff, a Mostly Mutts market customer said.

Thrifting has lots of benefits both for the people and the environment. More clothes are thrown away than the average amount of clothes manufactured in a year, buying second-hand means less plastic in landfills, it also means fewer resources used and wasted, through thrifting, the energy resources invested in these clothing items do not go to waste. Lastly, it reduces pollution, the producers genetically modify cotton used in producing these clothes, and reliant on pesticides, those pesticides contaminate the nearby water supply. By thrifting, money spent will not go towards a pollution and contamination industry but goes to organizations like Mostly Mutts Market that help animals find forever homes.

The store accepts and pays for donations, some examples of acceptable donations include household goods, kitchen items, toys, games, craft supplies, artwork, furniture, and rugs in acceptable condition. Support the organization by stopping by their thrift store to help these homeless pets rediscover love.