Teacher of the Year Mr. Eber celebrated at Cobb County district-wide pep rally


Adam Kovel

The banquet included dancing representatives from schools on the stage as well as formal presentations to the teacher of the year.

Adam Kovel, Managing editor, Opinions editor

North Cobb celebrated Mr. Eber’s teacher of the year recognition at the Cobb County district-wide pep rally on Tuesday, October 28.

Eber won teacher of the year for his relentless efforts in improving students at a subject normally impossible to motivate someone towards, coordinate algebra. His attitude and ability to connect to students help him find creative ways to teach the material.

“[Eber] was my first high school teacher that really made me enjoy the new learning environment and help me adjust while having fun,” senior Jack Dimmett said.

A select group of Eber’s favorite students made the trip with him, alongside Mrs. Amelett, Mrs. Woolsey, and Dr. Page to cheer him on and show support. Colorful posters highlighted with Eber’s face and his popular phrases, along with foam fingers and pom-poms were in each student’s possession, making known who they were there for.

Pebblebrook performed for the crowd with a singing and dancing act, hyping the audience and preparing them to cheer on their favorite teachers. While some students created chants in support, NC decided to simply yell as loud as a student section on a Friday night.

Following the pep rally, Eber and the rest of his crew proceeded to Bahama Breeze for a celebratory lunch.

“I told them that I did not care where we went, as long as it was either Jason’s Deli or Bahama Breeze,” Eber said.

At lunch, Eber discussed college applications, current school events, and fantasy football with his beloved students. All three are typical conversation topics with him, and they help understand his students on a deeper level. His ability to reach his students on a personal level allows them to want to work hard for him.

“[The pep rally] was overwhelming, exciting, and inspirational all at once to see how all the students care about their teachers and community at large,” Eber said.