Jasmine Negron: Diving headfirst into state


Hannah Cuthbertson

Jasmine Negron, pictured right, loves diving for the NC swim team. Jasmine participates in the NC International Studies Magnet program and balances her schoolwork and training very well, as she qualified for state this past season. Negron can not wait for what next season will bring, as she continues to work hard to pursue her dreams.

Hannah Cuthbertson, Reporter

NC Magnet sophomore, Jasmine Negron, was the only NC diver to qualify for state last month and recently competed against other Georgia high schools. Negron placed in the Top 20, specifically 12th in the state and cannot wait to continue her diving career. She hopes to receive scholarships as she begins to plan for her future after high school.

“I want to attend a big state school, specifically Ohio State. I either want to major in behavioral sciences or business,” Negron said. 

Negron studies in NC’s International Studies Magnet program and prides herself on her excellent grades. She values hard work with everything she does and thoroughly enjoys learning as well as participating in extracurricular activities. 

“Dive is definitely my favorite extracurricular activity because of the amazing team environment, and I was able to meet people from other schools,” Negron said. 

Negron began diving in June of 2018 at a club program called Metro Atlanta Diving. She qualified for USA nationals through this program. She decided to leave after 6 months to focus on the adjustment to high school and her education. Negron found it hard to stay away for long as she stayed passionate for the sport. 

Before deciding to try diving, Negron participated in gymnastics for 12 years. In 2016 she won the level 7 state championship and went on to reach level 9 of gymnastics before retiring due to a hip injury.

“Gymnastics was definitely a huge part of my life, I was in the gym constantly and my life revolved around it. I definitely would not be as successful in dive as I am without gymnastics. I already had experience flipping in the air which is the main component of diving,” Negron said.

Negron originally intended to solely dive for fun. And although a sense of competitiveness lurks when trying to qualify for state, it became important that she continued to have fun while training. In order to qualify for state, she needed to acquire a degree of difficulty at 11.5, which means the skills she’s doing need to meet a certain level. In order to qualify Negron also needed to receive a total score of 190 or above while performing those dives. At the beginning of the season, Negron possessed neither a qualifying score or the difficult dives required to qualify.

“As weeks passed, I began to get the hang of coming back into dive, and I started throwing higher dives. By a couple weeks, everything clicked. I scored a 220 at a meet, which meant I qualified and secured my spot at the GHSA championships,” Negron said. 

Negron will continue to dive for NC, and eagerly awaits what next season will bring. She will continue to work hard in her education as well as her dive training, since both aspects of her life hold a special place in her heart. Jazz encourages young students who consider joining NC swim and dive to face their fears, and to follow their passions.

“We have a very welcoming program, it is open to all levels even if you have never stepped on a board before. It is a great team environment and you will make great friends. Our coaching staff is great, and super friendly,” Negron said. 

Students wanting to join swim and dive should speak to the current dive coach, Coach Huff, for more details on how to prepare for next season. Negron exudes gratitude for her opportunity to represent NC while doing something she loves, and she hopes to meet new members next season!