Top Four YouTube Stars of all Time


Hannah Luck

From James Charles to Josh Peck, youtube continues to entertain the world, giving viewers countless amounts of entertainment. As the year comes to an end covid cases continue to rise, those a thoem will turn to youtube as a form of comfort. Showing us how no matter what’s occurring in the world today, laughter will always bring us together.

Hannah Luck, Archives Editor

From makeup tutorials to trying crazy ethnic foods, YouTube consists of millions of diverse Youtubers ranging from A to Z. As 2021 comes to an end, millions will continue to cherish the beloved entertainment YouTube provides. To celebrate YouTube’s evolution, The Chant has made a list of the top five YouTubers of all time, commemorating YouTube’s success and progress as a platform.

David Dobrik

Debuting as Vine star in 2013, David Dobrik became an instant success by making videos filled with dangerous challenges, mukbangs and hilarious pranks on friends and family. After gaining a small following, in 2015 Dobrik launched his self-titled YouTube channel. After a year, he gained over 100,000 subscirbers sprinkling his success on his other friends such as Jason Nash and Liza Koshy by creating the Youtube channel, The Vlog Squad. After six years of bringing the world hilarious videos showcasing a generosity and childlike appeal, David’s channel consists of over 18.4 million subscribers leaving fans constantly hungry for more.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy, a best friend and former girlfriend of David Dobrik, got her start similar to Dobrik, making videos on Vine in 2013. As she gained over seven million followers by the end of 2017, Koshy also gained a YouTube following with her self-titled channel. Her high energy, hysterically pun-filled vlogs left fans in awe, earning the star over 17 million subscribers as of 2020. 

Josh Peck

Josh Peck, started his career long before Youtube’s prominence. As a tween and teenage kid, Peck gained stardom through numerous Nickelodeon projects such as the famous Drake and Josh  and The Amanda Show. After several voice acting projects and little appearance in the public eye, Josh Peck decided to showcase his life with best friend David Dobrik as well as wife Paige O’Brien and later son Max Milo Peck. From his joke-like nature to awkward anxiety, Pecks gained nearly four million subscribers with videos featuring former co-star Drake Bell, the VlogSquad and of course his general family and friends. His story showcases how regardless of fame, having close friends will always matter most.

Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link

Rhett Mclaughlin and Link Neal began their story as two young first grade students destined to become friends for life. After numerous failed attempts at earning a college degree, Rhett and Link decided to start a YouTube channel featuring comedic sketches, songs and local commercials. As their channel titled Rhett and Link gained success, the duo decided to experiment creating a daily talk show called Good Morning Chia Lincoln from 2011-2012. 

After well received reaction from fans, the duo created the currently popular Good Mythical Morning, a daily talk show dedicated to trying disgusting foods, playing weird random games and challenges and basically making a fool of oneself. After nineteen seasons and over 17 million subscribers, Rhett and Link continue to bring the world laughter, cherishing childlike curiosity and general wonderment.

Overall, YouTube as a platform continues to evolve, providing the world with entertainment based around comedic and informational content. From the legendary David Dobrik to the everchanging Rhett and Link, YouTube will continue to entertain the world generations to come.