Peaks and mounds: Georgia’s top hiking spots


Peyton Stack

Earth’s natural landscapes provide immense hiking trails all over the world for explorers of all ages. The state of Georgia in specific hosts a multitude of national parks and forests for hikers to defeat. As the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the world, residents in Georgia attended these parks to relieve built-up anxiety and stress.

Peyton Stack, Co-Copy Editor

When people refer to the state of Georgia, the majority of individuals picture the city of Atlanta and the countless tragic sports moments that haunt local fans. However, others may picture the natural landscape and shapely peaks of the North Georgia mountains, which attracts hikers from all corners of the world. During the 2020 pandemic, various students around the NC community turned to hiking as a method of escaping the unprecedented future. From top to bottom of the “Peach State”, Georgia boasts an increase in hiking popularity and possesses an abundance of endless adventures.

  “My favorite part about hiking is the escape from stress, responsibility, and having the opportunity to be physically active in nature. It’s such a breath of fresh air,” NC senior William Green said. 

Green spent the summer of 2021 traveling and hiking around Georgia and the rest of the United States with his closest friends.

Tallulah Gorge 

Tallulah Gorge (located in Tallulah Falls, Georgia) consists of a three-mile trail and allows visitors to see beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking overlooks, and a unique gorge floor. Gaining attention from the TikTok community, this moderately difficult trail welcomes leashed pets and encourages hikers to explore the gorge floor during visiting hours. Though a bit more popular than other trails, visitors frequently highly rate and recommend this experience to any person with a hiking passion. 

Yonah Mountain

Yonah Mountain (located in Helen, Georgia) begins at the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains, and provides visitors with scenic views of every minute town in its general area. Despite the absence of waterfalls or intriguing bodies of water, the 2.2-mile, 1400 foot climb features grassy plains along with blocked-off areas for vegetation purposes. The distinctive skyline makes the long drive from Atlanta worth every minute.

One of Georgia’s most underrated hiking trails includes Yonah Mountain. The two-and-a-half-mile hike that resides in Helen, Georgia, reaches up to 1400 feet and features grassy plains for guests to enjoy its scenic views. Despite the two-hour drive from Kennesaw, multiple hikers from the NC community submitted the moderate trail. “Completing this hike was really rewarding to me, and the view from the top was extraordinary. I recommend this hike to anyone that is able to do it,” KSU student Tracy Winckler said.
(Peyton Stack)

Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon Park (located in Lumpkin, Georgia), known as Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”, consists of a five-mile hike featuring enjoyable views of rigid canyons and deep ravines. The sandy loam trail exhibits unique qualities and shapes for cinematic photo opportunities, reminding guests of western-like landscapes. This scenic hike perfectly suits all explorers and hiking enthusiasts. 

“In Georgia, my favorite hiking spot is probably Providence State Canyon. It is nice to have a change in scenery from the usual trees and mountains,” Green said. 

Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon (located in Rising Fawn, Georgia) stands as one of Georgia’s largest parks. Visitors embark on a six-mile hike that boasts features such as canyons, waterfalls, cliffs, and caves. This scenic route stems from the outskirts of Lookout Mountain and attracts guests from all over the southeast. 

Amicalola Falls

Standing as another one of Georgia’s most popular trails, Amicalola Falls (located in Dawsonville, Georgia), boasts over 820 acres of land with an eight-and-a-half-mile approach trail. Guests can freely explore every feature this spot contains, including archery, zip lines, and scavenger hunts. This trail became known for hosting large groups and retreats thanks to state-of-the-art lodging. Hikers receive the best amenities while conquering this moderately difficult trail. 

“Grab your hiking boots and hit the trail! Hike our favorite Georgia hiking trails and running trails to beautiful waterfalls, canyons, river valleys, and mountain summits,” Atlanta Trails said

As cell phones and technology continue to control the minds of today’s youth, those who participate in hiking can keep natural pastimes alive. Georgia’s numerous hiking trails await guests with open arms and pleasing views.