Life‌ ‌at‌ ‌GSU‌


Bianca Farfan-Hernandez

GSU’s downtown Atlanta campus offers a stress-free start and provides 130 options for majors. Among U.S. News & World Report’s survey of 2022 public universities, Georgia State ranked number two for innovation and ranked top for undergraduate teaching. “I’ve always wanted to have some sort of life in the city so GSU has been a new and wonderful experience with meeting new people and making new friends. I got comfortable with the campus my first week here and my classes have been great. It’s really a different life here,” NC alumni, GSU freshman Kay Nguyen said.

Bianca Farfan-Hernandez, Reporter

With college on the minds of juniors and just around the corner for seniors, learning about colleges around the community can significantly benefit their choices. Georgia State University, located in downtown Atlanta, provides students with safe city life and an abundance of activities. 

Numerous students love the walkable and bikeable campus, excellent public transportation, and the assortment of restaurant choices around campus. GSU offers several other campus locations including Alpharetta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, and Newton all offering different majors. After graduating high school, countless students want to explore more than just the local colleges surrounding NC. GSU provides a chance to stay close to home but face distance and new surroundings.

“The change from NC high school to GSU university was a big change for me although it is a good change. It gives me space to grow and be me. I think students from NC should go to GSU because GSU gives you so many opportunities and gives you a chance to meet new people. The professors are really helpful and I feel like anyone could really get something good out of GSU” NC alumni, GSU freshman Kay Nguyen said.

GSU’s mascot, Pounce the Panther, attends basketball games and walks around campus uplifting the spirits of students. Numerous students rub the nose of a statue of the panther, found in the Students’ Center East, for good luck before a test or quiz.

GSU maintains a population of over 54,000 students from more than 167 nations and territories. The diverse school contains a high international student count of 3,000 students. With an acceptance rate of 76% and a graduation rate of 52%, GSU prepares students for the future. GSU admissions require prospective students to earn an average SAT score of 1030 or an average ACT score of 20 or 26, in addition to a high school core GPA of at least 3.24. All of this combined can contribute an amazing opportunity for the students at NC to consider this university. The average cost per semester for state residents to obtain a Bachelor’s degree including tuition, fees, books, and supplies equals a total of over $6,500.

Excited for a new chapter in their lives, students living in dorms moved 2 months ago on Wednesday, August 18. GSU’s six dorm buildings, all located in different areas to fit the needs of students, now house hundreds of students for the fall semester. Patton Hall houses freshmen learning to adjust to new living experiences, and the cost starts at $5,068 per semester. Other housing prices wage around 3,000 to 6,000 dollars with University Commons and Greek Town Houses as the cheapest and Piedmont Central as the most expensive.

“I chose GSU because of financial reasons. I’m using it as a stepping stone to go to another university. But the campus has been fun and nice, especially when I need a place to study. I can easily find one because there are many given to us,” GSU sophomore Traci Jones said.

Caring about the safety of staff and students, GSU offers counseling to GSU students by appointment and walk-in to support the mental health of all students. The school offers online tutoring and study groups, along with library access where peers can study together. GSU strongly encourages face masks and also supplies numerous hand sanitizing stations and on-campus COVID-19 tests and vaccines to keep all students safe. The campus’ personal cafeteria offers food choices like Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Steak and Shake, and Courtyard Cafe.

“My experience at GSU as a freshman has been a freeing experience;  I’ve always lived in the city and GSU is close to home.  I love the diversity and my new friends. I’ve learned so much already and I am excited for what future in GSU will lead me to,” GSU freshmen Elizabeth Soils said.