Acworth hosts JamBOOree


Bianca Farfan-Hernandez

With fast-moving lines, the guests enjoyed a good time Saturday in Downtown Acworth at the yearly Halloween JamBOOree festival. “It was my first time going to JamBOOree; I had a great time! My niece loved it, and she really liked how the lines moved fast so she was able to choose what she got for face painting. Everyone was very nice, and it all ran really smoothly. It was fun and I liked that it was next to the park so when the lines were a bit long she could go play there,” NC senior Tavis Pace said.

Bianca Farfan-Hernandez, reporter

JamBOOree, a festival for Halloween in Downtown Acworth, took place on Saturday, October 23 from 2:00-7:00 pm at Logan Farm Park. The event featured games, food, and interactive activities that caused a high number of people to show up, exceeding the number of people who attended two years ago. JamBOOree coordinators sought volunteers to help out with the event in exchange for community service hours, which gave NC’s HoPe club an opportunity to positively represent NC and help out their community. The Events and Communications Coordinators of Acworth put together this event for family fun to bring together the Acworth community. 

Acworth Parks, Recreation, and Community Resource Department was thrilled to host the Acworth Halloween JamBOOree for the first time since 2018! Our team really values the joy that events like this bring to the community and it was great to see so many families turn out for a fun evening in the park. We appreciate all of the volunteers and community organizations who came out to donate their time to help make this event be as successful as it was,” Acworth events coordinator Taylor K. Aubrey said.

The event included free interactive game stations for kids and parents to play to win prizes such as toys and candy. Volunteers at the event operated the games, cleaned, and handed out candy to the kids. JamBOOree also included activities such as free face painting, pumpkin painting, a jumpy house, and multiple rounds of Halloween trivia along with a mini train ride that anyone could participate in. Children also loved the mini barn which allowed them to enjoy rabbits, goats, and ducks.

“My niece from North Carolina came to visit and we came for her to have a good time. She was dressed as her favorite anime character Sakura Haruno and entered the costume contest. She has always been shy but she said she had a great time and that she wants to come back next year. I participated in the pumpkin painting and had something to take home for remembrance,” NC senior Tavis Pace said.

 Enjoying the festive Halloween season, children wore their costumes to the event and entered a costume contest consisting of four rounds. Judges graded based on most creative, funniest, most traditional, and lastly, best family effort, winners selected by majority vote from the audience with cheers received a prize. 

Vendors also sold sweets such as fried Oreos, funnel cake, ice cream, and shaved ice from Flavors of Hawaii at the event to fill cravings. The Acworth police department attended the event to ensure everyone’s safety and allowed people to explore their cop cars. All Those who attended and participated all enjoyed a great time at the JamBOOree. 

“I went for community service with HoPe and had a great time with the kids. It was a nice experience because around my community we do not have events like this. It was a cute festival and I for sure will come back next year with my family,” NC magnet student Isabella Guerrero said.