Charlie Brown Rockefeller replaced with traditional tree



The Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremony took place on December 1, where New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chairman Rob Speryer happily pressed the lighting button in front of New York city’s residents and others attending the ceremony. The Rockefeller center intrigues people with a big ice skating rink that sits in front of the tree’s view. The lighting ceremony aired on NBC, available for TV viewers around the world.

Bianca Farfan-Hernandez, Reporter

New York brightened up with the landmark Rockefeller Christmas tree for December. The Rockefeller’s 89th annual tree lighting ceremony took place December 1, 2021, outside of the Rockefeller Center to kick off the start of the holiday season. This year’s 79-foot-tall, 46-foot wide tree makes up for last year’s unimpressive tree. The 2021 tree’s star weighs 900 pounds and holds 70 spikes with 3 million crystals. With about 50,000 multicolored lights, the cost of the tree, if bought, would estimate around $73,500.

Last year, the Rockefeller Christmas tree received an abundant amount of criticism about the tree and the closing of the ceremony. The tree lighting ceremony did not happen last year because of the high spike of the COVID-19 cases in New York. Criticism rose last year because of the tree’s appearance. Multiple people argued that the tree should come down because of its “unhappy” look. The tree’s fullness appeared dreadful and people referred to it as the “Charlie Brown Christmas tree”. Others referred to the tree as a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic year.

“Along with multiple other people I had high hopes for the tree last year and when I saw it, I was more confused than mad. This year’s tree was extremely beautiful, big and bright. It was a cheerful celebration and the environment was definitely one to remember,” junior Kaylie Paneda said.

The Christmas eve of 1931 marked the first-ever Christmas tree ceremony at the Rockefeller Center during the Great Depression. Extremely grateful for having occupations during the Great Depression, construction workers bought a 20 feet tall tree to represent their gratitude. Because of this, the workers created a yearly tradition known now as New York’s landmark Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony. The tree’s height and lighting ceremony expanded and continued to grow throughout the years. 

With the major comeback of the Rockefeller tree, this year the tree appeared full and the decorations around the Rockefeller center shined with classically extravagant ornaments, angels, and lights. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chairmen, Rob Speyer pressed the button with honor together to light the glorious tree as one to remember. During the lighting ceremony, multiple artists such as Alessia Cara, Harry Connick, Jr, and Carrie Underwood, performed at the Rockefeller lighting ceremony to spread holiday cheer to the New York City audience. Mascot, Rockefeller the Owl, also made an appearance, uplifting the spirits of the crowd. The Rockettes also performed, making an excellent comeback after 2020. This year’s Rockefeller Christmas tree becomes one to remember with remarkable significance to New Yorkers; the lighting ceremony united locals after 2020’s long year of separation.