Vesuvio Pizzeria Napoletana brings the arts of Italy to downtown Kennesaw


Lauren Lee

The Manna oven comes from Naples, Italy made by talented artisans with volcanic rock and a custom name tag on the mouth of the oven. The ovens produce high quality pizzas with the respect of the Neapolitan Pizza cooking tradition. After crafting the pizza, the chefs place the pizza in the oven with 900 degree temperature and cook it in only 90 seconds.

Lauren Lee, Reporter

In the historic town of Kennesaw, business owner Massimo Andreozzi invites authentic and fresh Neapolitan pizza from his home, Naples, Italy. Andreozzi, who worked as an executive chef in Atlanta, packed up his things so he could grow into an entrepreneur and establish his first business. Andreozzi saw economic development in Kennesaw and saw it as the perfect location for his new business Vesuvio Pizzeria Napoletana.    

 “After losing my job caused by COVID, I knew I could find a better opportunity with being an entrepreneur. One of the first things I thought of was pizza. Everyone loves pizza and it can be complex or simple if you wish,” Andreozzi said. 

The name of the pizzeria originates from the famous volcano called Mount Vesuvius located in Naples, Italy. Bits and pieces of Italy’s culture flourish throughout the restaurant. The Manna oven, covered in white and blue tile imported from Naples, gives the ambiance life and personality.

 “When decorating my shop, I wanted to give it character by making my customers feel like they’re in Italy,” Andreozzi said.

Inside the restaurant lies a beautiful atmosphere, echoing Italy’s gracious aspects. Sterling brown wooden pizza peels hang from the wall creating the sense of sitting down at a restaurant in Italy. (Lauren Lee)

Andreozzi imports most of his ingredients from Italy, making sure his pizza remains authentic. The restaurant specializes in wood-fired, handmade Italian pizza with Neopolitan signature selections such as spicy salami, Vesuvio cherry tomatoes, speck (smoked prosciutto) and mushrooms, according to the menu. The large, vibrant, and pointy tomatoes grow in the soil surrounding Mount Vesuvius. 

Above the alluring buildings in Italy, stands the historic volcano Mount Vesuvius. In the past, the volcano produced some of the continent’s largest volcanic eruptions and remains most famous for the 79 AD eruption which destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. (Lauren Lee)

While Andreozzi focuses his menu mainly on pizza he also sells various appetizers, including Burrata with Parma Prosciutto and Buffalo Mozzarella with Parma Prosciutto, salads with fresh arugula or romaine lettuce, chocolatey desserts, and rustic charcuterie boards. Customers can build their own pizzas and customize it to their liking. Since the pizzeria opened, customers have favored the Margherita and Diavola pizzas.        

“The pizza here is simple but tasty. When I go to other pizza places they put a ton of veggies, but here it’s perfect,” a Saturday afternoon customer said.

 Vesuvio’s Pizzeria opens at 11:30 a.m. and serves customers through 8 p.m. on Sundays. With the exception of Tuesdays when the pizzeria closes its doors, the restaurant stays open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weeknights. Extending its evening hours for pizza lovers during the weekend, the restaurant closes at 10 pm Friday and Saturday nights. Currently, Vesuvio’s only serves dine in, but will soon serve their appetizing menu on Grubhub. Come acquire a taste of Italy at Vesuvio’s Pizzeria!