Here comes the bus: From NC to Kell


Najalae Griffith edited on Canva

In late October 2021, several students from NC found out that they will transfer to Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia. This transfer of students helps bus drivers arrive at the school faster, decreasing the number of late bus passes they receive. Most students do not like the idea of transferring schools because they became familiar with NC.

Najalae Griffith, Reporter

This coming fall, a selection of adolescents will transfer from NC to Kell High School. The root of this conflict-causing shift starts within the high school kid’s bus route. Cobb County bus routes allow NC students to make it to their school before the first period, but a couple of these buses struggle to pick up all the riders and arrive on time at their school campus. The affected kids live in a tiny section in the back of Acworth, much closer to Kell than NC.

While the county offered the kids the choice of staying at NC, no bus will come to pick them up in the morning or take them back after school. This results in the need for their parents to drive them to school and back home. Students may feel conflicted about the situation because a portion of the students attended NC for two or more years. On the other hand, current freshmen recently became familiar with the campus, made friends, and built a connection with teachers and staff. Incoming freshmen who live in the same area as these students will attend Kell and will not receive the chance to attend NC and experience its amazing programs.

“I don’t like moving schools because all of my friends are here and I’m starting over, and I already spent a year and I connected with my teachers and everything, it’s gonna be really really hard to start over again and build new connections. Personally, I think my academics would do better at NC, but I’m still going to work hard during class. I’m going to miss NC a lot. All of my best friends are here and the staff is really amazing,” freshman Lynnae Fowlkes said.

Designated zones help districts split up the areas and decide which school kids will attend certain schools. Due to the landscaping of Acworth and Kennesaw, people either live on the “Burger King side” or the “McDonald’s side”. Students that live closer to the Burger King side attend Kell High School and kids that live on the McDonald’s side attend NC. This year, the Cobb County school district decided to remove additional students from the McDonald’s side territory. A collection of neighborhoods located in the back of Acworth starts the whole conflict.

From that area, it takes a long time for bus drivers to complete their routes and arrive in NC on time. Buses usually arrive at the NC campus around 8:03-8:10, and 8:15 at the latest. This also includes traffic, which slows down bus drivers in the morning. If buses arrive after 8:15, students will receive a bus tardy pass excusing them for their late absence in class. This new policy will stop the habit of students receiving tardies from the attendance office and prevent them from arriving late to their first period.

“Honestly I don’t really like it but I’m just gonna have to accept it because there’s really nothing I can do about it. I’m not really excited to start all over again but if it is a better football opportunity, I’m all hands down for it. I don’t think transferring schools will affect my academics, either way, I’m still going to do the same thing, be a good student, do my work and continue to work as hard as possible. I will definitely miss NC. I love the football program, the coaches are amazing and the community and environment in this school are very unique,” sophomore Devin Frank said.

While both schools provide outstanding academics to all of their students, NC maintains a seven-star rating and Kell receives a six. While African-American students make up the majority of Kell High School, NC presents a wider diversity within its students. Both schools offer excellent opportunities and programs for their students. NC received the ranking of the 71st best school in GA while Kell ranked 74th. NC also maintains higher college acceptance rates. Regardless of the rankings and ratings, both the schools’ staff and faculty do amazing work with their students. They each make sure to provide a safe, healthy environment for kids to learn, so either school kids end up in will give them an amazing education.