NC varsity lacrosse defeats the River Ridge Knights


Callie Kinsinger

Varsity lacrosse Warriors (4-2) continue their season strongly with a win against the River Ridge Knights (1-7). Through each other’s support and that of surrounding family and friends, the Warriors paved their way to victory. Through cheering and yelling from the stands, NC defeated River Ridge 7-6.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

NC varsity lacrosse Warriors (4-2) joined the River Ridge Knights (1-7) at River Ridge High School Saturday, March 4 at 12:30 p.m. The Warriors won 7-6 after four quarters of eventful passing and scoring. Friends and family supported the players by attending the game in Woodstock.

The game began as coaches talked to their teams leading up to action. The national anthem played over the loudspeakers as everyone turned to face the flag, then settled for the game. 

“I started playing lacrosse when I was about nine because it’s a fun sport that makes me stronger and can be a way to get away from everything. My favorite moment in the game was right before the end of the first half with 10 seconds to go, the coach drew up a play and we ran it to perfection and scored,” sophomore attacker Andrew LaPierre (15) said.

The Warriors adjusted to the Knights’ skill and mindset during the first quarter, with the score tied 2-2. Coaches and teammates yelled directions and plays whilst directing their teams to a hopeful victory. Players aggressively applied pressure and fought for possession of the ball.

The varsity lacrosse team practices Monday through Saturday totaling up to 14 hours a week. These practices consist of the repetition and clarity of plays and exercises to improve players’ stick skills and performance on the field.

Senior midfielder Jonathan Godfrey (7) scored with ten seconds left until halftime and caused excited cheering from the Warriors’ side of the bleachers. Godfrey’s goal energized the audience for the next half of the game. The quick play allowed the Warriors to score and take the lead against the Knights, creating a victorious mindset.

In the second half, the Knights racked points up quickly, almost tying the Warriors which put fans on the edges of their seats. Several minutes at the end of the last quarter included back-and-forth plays with the teams trying to score before the game ended. The pressure intensified as the Knights only remained behind the Warriors by one point. Finally, NC took home the victory 7-6, another win on their season.

“I love the intensity of the sport as well as the brotherhood it’s created. My favorite moment of yesterday’s game was when we won and everyone was super hyped because the other team was trash-talking us. I’m hoping that we make playoffs and get to the second round. It’s one of the biggest goals we have for this season,” senior goalie Jonathan Castro (8) said.

Players will hopefully continue their current winning season (4-2) Monday, March 6 at NC, against the Walker Wolverines (0-0). The game begins at 6 p.m., and supporters can show their support by attending and cheering for the Warriors.