NC presents Chicago and all that jazz


Ending the school year with a flashy finish, NC presented a teenage version of Chicago April 4. NC students said goodbye to this year with their final performance which follows the story of two young criminals finding their ways to fame. Family and friends attended the performances and greatly appreciated the hard work NC thespians put into this production.

NC presents its spring show, “Chicago”, featuring all elements of theater, catering to NC thespians. Chicago sets the stage in the roaring ‘20s following Velma Kelly, played by junior Nailah Goldsby, and Roxie Hart, played by magnet junior Caroline Green, joining forces to enter their desired world of fame. NC invited all friends and family to watch this renditioned teen version of Chicago, April 27, 28 and 29.

The show follows the lives of inmates Velma and Roxie as they try to plead not guilty to the jury. Their stories lead them to fame as an escape from their time in jail. In their iconic red and black dresses, Goldsby and Green channel Velma and Roxie’s energy through their jazzy dancing and energetic singing, as well as their leading performances.

“This production took about two months to complete. It is different from other shows I’ve done, such as Matilda Jr., because it is more mature and also because every other role I’ve had was supporting, so I was able to showcase a lot more of my talent with this being my first lead role,” Goldsby said.

The theater during rehearsal felt energetic, and anyone in the audience could hear the supportive words and encouragement from all the cast and crew that shows on stage. This tight-knit family lifts each other up to their best abilities, to produce the best show possible. 

The set includes black, gold and red details and embodies the roaring twenties, along with stunning costumes. The costumes perfectly encapsulate the essence of the era through various colored sparkles and tassels on their vests, dresses and suits.

“My favorite role is Roxie. Not just because I played her but because she has so much depth. Throughout the show, she goes from being a follower, to being very narcissistic and full of herself, to being confident and a team player,” Green said.

Attendance remained mandatory for rehearsals for both the cast and crew to correct imperfections within the set, dance numbers and technical aspects of the show. Backstage, everyone listens to theater director Candice Corcoran as she helps accommodate and direct everyone to perfection.

“This show was different from a regular show for me personally because of how challenging it was. Chicago I believe really challenged our acting, with the use of overacting, and with singing, due to this musical having more difficult music in general,” Green said.

After months of hard work, the students spent their weekends performing a show they all enjoyed. From the tech workers to the actors, each part played a role in making this show the best. The NC thespians cannot wait for the next production to work on a new show and bring the cast together once again.