The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

NC Community Opens the Season Against Westlake

Jameson Johnson
For JR Warrior night the NC community started off their first home game playing Westlake. Throughout the first quarter, tension remained high and the crowd’s energy was unmatchable. The Warriors put all their effort into playing to the best of their abilities. Although NC lost, the community still enjoyed their first home game and look forward to supporting the football team throughout the 23-24 season.

After a long off-season and an intense summer’s training, the NC varsity football team feels eager to get back onto their home field. NC put their summer training to the test during their first home game playing Westlake High School Friday, August 18.  Tension seemed high due to their previous game where NC beat Lions 21-17. Students and supporters gathered around the Emory Sewell Stadium to watch the exciting game unfold. 

“I’m not worried about the game Friday, only a little if we will play up to our level and not go down to our opponents. I have sharpened my abilities since last season with a lot of training and understanding of football as I get more comfortable with it. I really hope my last season playing for North Cobb ends up with a state ring. I feel as if the team and I have the talent to take it all the way,” NC senior running back, David Eziomume (2)  said. 

To start the first home game, the Warriors kicked off against the Lions. Shortly after kickoff, WHS senior linebacker TJ Smith (3) gained possession of the ball and the Warriors from the 31-yard line to the 21-yard line. NC junior quarterback Nick Grimstead (15) then scored the first touchdown of the game. The NC crowd showed their excitement by cheering and yelling chants along with the band giving the crowd a show to celebrate. Returning to the thirty-one-yard line after the Warriors called a time-out, the Lions scored their first touchdown of the game made by WHS junior running back Naeem Odeniyi (22). The Lions scored another touchdown shortly after, WHS junior cornerback back Sean Smith (12) passed the ball to WHS senior wide receiver Christian Peterson (5) from the seven-yard line who then scored their second touchdown of the game, leaving the first quarter with a score of 13-8.

Starting off the second quarter, Sean Smith (12) completed a pass to WHS junior, wide receiver, Travis Smith JR (10). Smith then scored an 82–yard touchdown, giving the Lions their third touchdown of the game. Naeem Odeniyi scored another touchdown for the Lions making the score 27-8. With six minutes left in the second quarter, spirits seemed low in the NC crowd. Eziomume (2) made a 37–yard touchdown which brought life back to the crowd and team, the Warriors may come back after all. Westlake attempted a touchdown but a holding penalty got called on the Lions play, bringing both teams back to the Warriors to the fifteenth-yard line. The Lions managed to score yet another touchdown made by Peterson (5). With fifty-one seconds left in the second quarter and the crowd cheering them on, the Warriors made a comeback by scoring the final touchdown before halftime. We started off halftime with a score of 3-22.

The NC band performed for the first time this season under their new director David Wiebers. Throughout their performance titled Monarch,  they played two songs, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Queen of the Night.” The band practiced outside school hours and worked on new formations to give the crowd the best entertainment during the halftime show.

“I think we did okay, marching-wise. I think we did absolutely amazing for it being our second time out on the field, however, I feel like musically we could have performed better if we had taken more time to work on it. Overall, I think we all did better than expected and I am so excited to improve throughout the season,” flute player Addyson Lanning said.

The start of the third quarter started off with the Lions in possession of the ball. They then scored a 60-yard touchdown made by Travis Smith. The Warriors blocked a touchdown by interception shortly after the Lion’s first touchdown in the third quarter. After an incomplete pass caused a foul for the Lions, the Warriors took over on downs. Smith (3) gets the Warriors to the 30-yard line, they then score their first touchdown of the third quarter made by junior NC wide receiver  Sincere Cyrill (27). The Lions made two other touchdowns throughout the third quarter, leaving the score at 45-28.

During the fourth quarter, the Lions scored one final touchdown, ending the game with the score 52-28. Although the Warriors played a tough first home game, the players will commit to improving their abilities and winning the next game of the season. The NC students will continue to show up to games full of positive energy and enjoy their nights watching the NC football team play, win or lose. 


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