Stop allowing trendy apps to distract and take over your life


Sarah Sutley, Reporter

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets comes the increasing obsessions of trendy apps like Words With Friends, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, and now Trivia Crack.

People consistently try to keep up with the latest technology fads. This comes partly as a result of natural competitiveness, due to the fact that most new and popular apps are games of some variety. Whether someone aims to beat others in a round of Scrabble, trivia, or simply level up, the distraction feels like a waste of time. People need to lose the fixation to certain pointless smartphone games and devote their time to something more meaningful and worthwhile.

“I remember when people first started playing Candy Crush. It became this crazy thing that basically took over people’s lives! Now people are starting to act the same way about Trivia Crack. Who knows what is next?” freshman Jasmine Cook said.

Teenagers do not stand as the only culprits in the latest app trends. Adults also spend countless hours playing games on their phones, neglecting other important duties. Not to mention the money being wasted on ridiculous “in-app” purchases that provide users an extra life or cheat that helps propel them to the next level. Most purchases only result in a $0.99 deficit, but they add up quickly. As if wasting time playing electronic games was not enough, we now have people willing to feed their own gaming addictions by spending their hard-earned money on them.

“All of these apps cause problems for teachers and students. I have seen plenty of examples firsthand. One time, this teacher handed out a worksheet to our class and returned promptly back to her desk to finish a game of Trivia Crack. I was shocked to say the least,” junior Jake Byrd said.

It remains apparent that these apps continue to cause problems for nearly everyone, yet the latest fad Trivia Crack continues to occupy the #1 spot on the iTunes app chart. People simply need to exercise some self control when downloading games and ponder the real benefits of playing them… if there even are any. Otherwise, they will soon find themselves sitting on the couch, consumed in a round of Flappy Bird, and thinking they have reached their ultimate life goal when a new high score flashes on the screen.