Try Starbucks’ “flat white,” an Aussie obsession and your newest favorite


Saraj Sutley

The spectrum of espresso drink options at Starbucks shows the Flat White’s relationship to other beverages.

Sarah Sutley, Reporter

A wave of mystery surrounding Starbucks’ newest menu addition stands as a classic twist to the existing latte and satisfies strong coffee lovers.

The flat white, the latest in the coffee giant’s wave of beverage additions, adds a traditional espresso drink to the current lineup. Announced at the onset of the new year and released to consumers on January 8, the flat white fails to disappoint. The beverage, which stands as a popular offering in European Coffee Houses, consists of steamed milk poured over two ristretto shots. For those unfamiliar with the “coffee lingo,” ristretto provides the commonly-recognized espresso taste in a more concentrated form. Although offering obvious similarities to a latte, the flat white offers a stronger alternative with slightly less milk.

Much of the intrigue surrounding Starbuck’s newest addition surrounds flat white’s origin. The traditional drink traces its roots to 1980’s Australia, where it quickly gained worldwide popularity. Many eyerolls ensue as the flat white craze enters the United States decades after its counterparts, creating the unrealistic belief that Starbucks coined another classic. Nonetheless, the flat white continues to bring in profit for the company, as curious consumers dish out a cringe-worthy $4.25 for a grande (medium) size.

The flat white serves as a refreshing option that brings Starbucks back to its established background. After gaining popularity for its hand-crafted, flavored, syrup-y, and sugary mixtures that can barely characterize as coffee, the company takes a win with the simple flat white. While frappuccinos and similar drinks appeal to customers looking for a dessert rather than a cup of joe, the flat white stands as a beverage capable of becoming a daily pick-me-up.

Overall, the beverage stands worthy of a taste test. Some may dock the flat white for its powerful taste, but true coffee lovers will attest to the classic and irreplaceable flavor. Although not as smooth as its latte counterpart, the drink will satisfy those who enjoy a bitter, dark roast coffee. The flat white proves itself as a contender in the constantly growing Starbuck’s menu and adds a traditional flavor to the rapidly expanding coffee chain.

The Chant’s grade: A-