New club The Vibe offers opportunity for student voices to thrive


Sabrina Kerns

North Cobb’s newest club, The Vibe, creates an environment for students to discuss current events and let out their frustrations. The members meet every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30 in Ms. Duggar’s room.

Arsheen Kour, Reporter

This semester, junior Jayla Liner established a new club, named “The Vibe,” designated to discuss current events and serve as a rant session for students.

“I created this club because I enjoy discussing things, and I really like to hear what others think about things going on. After all, we’re going to be the future leaders of America. It’s important we discuss things going on now,” Liner said.

The club formed during the beginning of second semester and already possesses many active members. The Vibe excites many students, as they look forward to laid back discussions as well as much-needed vent sessions.

“The club is really neat, especially since it basically lets students rant about whatever annoys them. I think it was a great idea,” said senior Jazmin McCarden.

Weekly Wednesday meetings held in room 210 last about an hour, from 3:30-4:30, in which Liner speaks of various events happening around the world. Everyone provides their opinions on the events, occasionally leading to intense debates.

“Typically, I bring up a topic and let everyone talk about it for a while so we can collect various opinions. Usually, our topics revolve around the news, but I like to bring up other subjects, such as entertainment in the media, so our meetings aren’t always so serious,” Liner said.

In the future, The Vibe plans to collaborate with fellow new club Humans for Humans through community service projects. Both clubs plan to join forces with MUST Ministries to create lunches and blankets for those in need.

“I’m really excited for the future of this club, as well as Humans for Humans. I mean, North Cobb doesn’t really have a club that goes out and helps their community. So even though we’re starting small, I do hope that eventually we can make a big difference,” Liner said.