Link Crew receives makeover, hopes to help freshmen


Mrs. Woolsey discusses new plans for the freshman orientation and transition program with senior Link Crew members.

Beginning next year, a new leadership team will maintain NC’s Link Crew, fronted by a group of teachers including Ms. Woolsey, Ms. Kovel, , Ms. Buckert, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Eber.

“I joined the Link Crew team because I believe mentorship to freshmen is the best way for them to grow into young adults. I look forward to making a difference to these students,” Eber said.

These teachers’ aspirations will create a more productive and helpful atmosphere improving the freshman experience and overall high school career. Their new plan includes team-bonding exercises and promoting school spirit.

Another new feature includes a house-point system, an idea taken from the Harry Potter series. The installment should provide friendly competition between the freshmen homerooms. This gears toward unity throughout the academy.

“The house competition will be throughout the freshman academy and will provide a sense of community. Whoever’s section has the most number of points at the end receives a big prize,” Kovel said.

Link Crew’s new regime no longer includes sophomore leaders, a change from previous years. All junior and senior students still may apply by May 7.

“We want the Link Crew leaders to be more organized and actually know what their plan is before walking into the homerooms. We also do not want the leaders to be in their homerooms every Wednesday. This way the freshman will eventually learn how to survive high school without a helping hand,” Ms. Kovel said.

Next year, NC’s Link Crew plans to change freshmen impressions of high school, which prepares them for life beyond.