Model UN delegates head to UGA for conference, aim for superior


Fatima Elfakahany

Junior Rebecca Goldstein works on her position paper in Dr. Roach’s room to prepare for Model UN’s UGA conference.

Fatima Elfakahany, Reporter

Today, Model UN begins its UGA conference. For the past two months, they have prepared every Tuesday morning and at home. The UGA conference, usually reserved for senior members of the club, occurs over a weekend, where students come from all over the country to compete in mock United Nation sessions with the goal of making resolutions and standing out as superior delegates.

“I’m really excited for this year’s conference,” said junior Rebecca Goldstein. “This year we’re India, which is a really interesting country, and it gives us interesting viewpoints to discuss at conference.”

NC’s Model UN club won awards in both KSU and GSU conferences and hope to bring an award back for UGA as well. Many club members worked diligently to prepare for the more competitive environment.

“I have been studying and studying my topic, my country, and those countries that are in my committee so I could piece together everything I need to do in this conference and who I need to talk to,” said junior Holden Haley.

Most remain certain that they prove fully prepared, but some express concern over other matters.

“I’m confident that I have prepared but considering I am doing a new type of committee, I’m not sure what to expect or how to succeed in conference,” said senior Anna Levy.

The main preparation involves writing and presenting a position paper, where each committee has particular problems they need to address and solve. Each delegate must research the problem and the country’s position on that problem.  NC’s delegation primarily consists of the Indian delegation, along with a few subdivisions, and students researched the past, present, and future position of India on the problems presented.

“I am certain that our students are prepared. Our students tend to be very well prepared and and up-to-date on current events, so I know that they aware of what’s going on in the world and what they need to be doing,” said AP World History teacher and Model UN coordinator Ms. Galloway.

For many students participating in the conference, 2015 remains the last year for them to compete for NC. While juniors possess the opportunity to go next year, this year is seniors’ only opportunity.

“I’m excited that for my senior year I’m going to UGA to compete with all my friends one last time,” said senior Zach Connolly.