All the lonely Starbucks lovers should stay away from newest tiramisu latte


Saraj Sutley

Cocoa powder sprinkled on top of mascarpone-flavored steamed milk in Starbucks’ latest menu addition, the Tiramisu latte.

Sarah Sutley, Reporter

Starbucks’ latest attempt at a dessert-flavored espresso beverage, the tiramisu latte, fails to stack up with its previous creations.

As an avid fan of the classic Italian dessert, I expected to thoroughly enjoy the coffee giant’s latest creation. Unfortunately, the tiramisu latte fell short of my high expectations. For those unfamiliar with tiramisu, the classic treat consists of layered sponge cake soaked in espresso and topped with cocoa powder and mascarpone cheese (otherwise known to us Americans as cream cheese). Sounds like an obvious inspiration for a coffee beverage, right? Wrong. Even a biased Starbucks fan like me could not make it past the overwhelming sweetness and lack of coffee flavor.

Before even taking a sip, a strong odor of cheap cake frosting intrudes the room. Once you begin drinking, the sugar rush sets in. In fact, this drink provides a sugary experience that runs a close second to consuming a few giant Pixie Stix in one sitting. After  making it past the cocoa topping, one will likely encounter a strange taste of mascarpone-flavored milk. This interesting flavor combination tastes oddly similar to a ripe banana and nothing like a slice of tiramisu. The slight hint of espresso seems nonexistent throughout the entire tasting.

On the nutritional side of the spectrum, the tiramisu latte will set weight-watchers back a substantial 400 calories and 27 grams of sugar—although this fails to surprise anyone who takes a mere sip of the sweet concoction.

Additionally, and not shockingly, the new latte costs about $5, a seemingly magic price point for Starbucks’ hand-crafted beverages. Nonetheless, I promise this drink will leave you regretting your purchase.

Overall, the tiramisu latte stands as a promising concept with a poor execution. So unless you possess a ridiculously powerful sweet tooth or drink double chocolate chip frappuccinos daily, save yourself the money, extra pounds, and inevitable trip to the dentist. Opt for another one of Starbucks’ delicious beverage options.

The Chant’s grade: D-