Relay for Life’s fundraising opportunities prepare for annual May event

Sarah Sutley, Reporter

NC’s Relay for Life club continues working toward their goal of attending the annual charity walk by raising money through various fundraising campaigns.

“We made several plans to raise money at the beginning of the school year and I am so proud of the students’ success. We have made substantial progress towards our ultimate plans of attending the event on May 2,” club sponsor/coordinator and AP Environmental Science teacher Julie Hopp said.

Relay for Life members sell various items as fundraisers throughout the school and participate in online campaigns sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Most students grew accustomed to the famous Blow-Pop fundraiser, but many remain unaware of the club’s other activities. In addition to selling candy to sleepy students looking for an afternoon sugar rush, Relay for Life members also offer students the opportunity to buy personalized keychains in the fall and spring.

“I enjoy being a part of Relay for Life because I am given the opportunity to earn money through fundraisers and accepting donations. This gives me a sense of accomplishment when I realize that my hard work pays off for those fighting cancer,” junior Aimen Choudary said.

In addition to their classic money-raising means, Relay for Life also participates in seasonal sales. For example, prom court nominees have the ability to “earn” votes (one for every $2 they raise for the club). This allows the club to incorporate well-known students into their fundraising goals, therefore spreading awareness of their mission. Members also plan to sell “shamrock grams” for $1. These festive greetings will be sent to students on St. Patrick’s Day.

Additionally, NC’s Relay for Life members plan to host “Panera Bread Night” on March 24, when a portion of the restaurant’s earnings gained from 4-8 PM add to the clubs’ proceeds. The students also pride themselves on a recent, successful fundraising opportunity offered by the National Cancer Society in which each donation of $30 or increments of $30 was matched by the organization.

Overall, the Relay for Life club at NC remains prosperous in all of their activities, paving the way for their ultimate celebration at the charity walk in early May.