Mr. Who: Browning revealed as Time-Lord, a Chant exclusive


Alex O'Brien

Mr. Browning finally can feel free to reveal his true roots.

Kayley Rapp, News editor

NC’s warm-hearted and unique Latin teacher Mr. Browning opens up about his secret double life as a time-traveling alien.

“He always talked about his hometown in class, but his accent made me think he was just from the UK. None of us had any idea our teacher was from space!” sophomore Jordan Malarck said.

Back in the 1970’s, Mr. Browning’s time machine, otherwise known as a TARDIS, crash landed in Texas and stopped working entirely. Without any communication to his house planet of Gallifrey, he decided to simply assimilate into Earth’s culture.

For those unfamiliar with time travel and aliens, the planet Gallifrey is located in the constellation of Kasterborous. The population of people there call themselves Time-Lords and Time-Ladies. They call themselves this because of their ability to see  through time and space. Their aforementioned time machines called TARDISes, which stand for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, allow them to travel through all of time and space.

Once Mr. Browning fully understood Earth’s culture, he decided to become a teacher. With his vast knowledge of languages, he believed teaching Latin would be perfect fit.

“I think my students and the school’s staff are ready to know who I truly am,” Mr. Browning said.

Despite all this new information, Mr. Browning would like all of his students to continue treating him like they normally would.

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