Next 2 Lead club links Warrior community to kids


Phillip Wynne

Senior Jake Byrd helps NC students with his Next 2 Lead credentials.

Sarah Sutley, Entertainment editor

Formerly known as “Next Up,” the new Next 2 Lead club aims to connect high school and elementary students through promoting leadership.

“Next 2 Lead is a leadership development program designed to build skills in young students. We instill these values in kids using games, lessons, and activities,” senior Jake Byrd said.

Byrd decided to reinstate the club upon returning from a Costa Rican mission trip over the summer. He recalls working with impoverished children and realizing how much one person can make a difference. Byrd cites his trip as an eye-opening experience that prompted his interest in helping younger kids develop into successful adults.

“Jake came to me with the idea to bring back this club and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be the sponsor,” Next 2 Lead sponsor and freshman World Geography teacher Nishmin Porbandarwala said. “This is a great opportunity for students who show exemplary leadership skills to impact the lives of children in our community.”

Next 2 Lead club members undergo training to plan fun activities, designed to teach young students the importance of becoming a leader among their peers. Byrd believes leadership skills correlate directly with school achievement. He also feels that the sooner children learn this important ability, the more success they will experience later on.

Hoping to serve their community, the Next 2 Lead club travels to elementary schools in Kennesaw and Acworth. They conduct their previously-planned games and tasks with students in afterschool programs (ASP). Members anticipate that the young students will enjoy the fun and develop long-lasting leadership skills in the process.

“One of our goals this year is to make it to every elementary school in the area,” Byrd reflected. “As a club, we want to reach as many kids as possible. I look forward to working with my fellow students, both my age and younger, on this endeavour.”

Students interested in joining the Next 2 Lead club can pick up an application from Byrd, Ms. Porbandarwala, or any other club member or email [email protected] for more information.