The Arcs impress with debut album


Alex O'Brien

The Arcs debut album impresses with strong lyrics and catchy beats.

Adam Kovel, Editor-in Chief

New band The Arcs released their debut album, Yours, Dreamily, reintroducing the world to masterful, classic-sounding rock music that the modern generation severely lacks.

Frontman Dan Auerbach, more commonly known as the lead singer for megaband The Black Keys, unleashes raw tunes that force each first-time listener to ask themselves “do I know this band?” His familiar voice rekindles Black Keys memories, but the heavy instrumentals issued throughout the album clearly ensure its differences.

“It’s a completely different thing than the Black Keys, where I write the lyrics, the chords and most of the melodies. Every song on this record is co-written with the whole band. That’s why I didn’t call it my name,” Auerbach told Rolling Stone.

Hit single “Outta My Mind” highlights the album and can easily be found on the radio, although the band members expressively preached air time is not their priority. “Outta My Mind” stands as a song to dance to, similar to “Nova Baby” with The Black Keys.

Directly following “Outta My Mind” arguably the best song on the album plays, “Put a Flower in Your Pocket.” Sounding like a Pink Floyd song, Auerbach preaches life lessons with lyrics like “they may pretend to like you/but man’s best friend will bite you just for fun./If they’re gunning for you boy, you’ve already won.”

Auerbach developed the band with other musicians Leon Michels, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss, Nick Movshon, and Kenny Vaughan. They frequently worked together on albums Auerbach produced, such as Lana Del Rey’s, but Yours, Dreamily became their first official album.

The Arcs even released themed songs, including for boxing, “Stay In My Corner” and an LP released on the same day as the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight. Auerbach and other band members are avid boxers in their limited spare time.

After releasing a solo album in 2009, this stands as Auerbach’s first album outside of the Keys, and hopes to release more with his side-project, no longer looking into individual work.

For diehard Black Keys fans, worry not. A shoulder injury to drummer Patrick Carney allowed Auerbach time to work with The Arcs. Once Carney returns to playing, they will return to creating new music to follow their latest album, Turn Blue.

Starting from Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd roots, Auerbach swayed from his usual soulful blues and finally played his natural music. The cover art for Yours, Dreamily remains eerily reminiscent of Grateful Dead, with a giant skull draped in flowers surrounding the album.

Auerbach’s solo work gave a peak into what his own music exists as, and Yours, Dreamily dives further into his depths. Clearly trying to set his own path, Auerbach believes The Arcs will let him unleash his full potential.

“I just wanted to do my thing and get extra weird,” Auerbach said.

The Chant’s grade: A