Apple’s new emojis enhance texting


Adam Kovel

iPhone users enjoy the new emojis Apple released with iOS 9.1.

Apple released iOS 9.1 Wednesday, October 21, including a mass release of new emojis, sending iPhone users into frenzies.

The new emojis range from a variety of topics, including sports, food, religion, gestures, and animals. While these different symbols allow ample opportunities for communication in different ways, specific ones already dominantly outweigh others in terms of popularity.

A poll of 100 NC students explain their favorite new emojis with Apple's latest update.
Kat Shambaugh
A poll of 100 NC students explain their favorite new emojis with Apple’s latest update.

Frequently used newcomers include a volleyball, ping pong, synagogue, taco, and most notably, the middle finger. Apple teased users regarding possibilities for new emojis over the past year, and finally pulled through.

“I like [the new emojis] because it’s something new and they have hockey. Out of all of them, I probably use [the upside down smiley face] the most,” senior Stephen McCormick said.

For iPhone users without the newest update, the emojis can appear as question marks inside a small box, leaving them wondering what their friends meant. The vague box works in inspiring people to update their phones.

“I feel very left out of the conversation and like I’m an idiot because apparently I can’t communicate with normal humans any longer,” American Lit teacher Jenna Gerlach said.

Sophomore Oscar Pearson concurs: “I feel like they’re just talking in code and they’re talking crap about me.”

To download the emojis, click into “settings” and “general” until “software update” displays. The emoticons will download and users can see all the hyped signs for themselves.