Student artists showcase talent at NC exhibit


Gabby Weaver

Renee Sailepo showcases her art titled “Self Portrait.”

Gabby Weaver, Reporter

NC’s Art Show took place on Monday, December 7, encapturing the attention of all in attendance.

Artists showcased their work across the Deal Building hallways, masterpieces hanging in every direction. The attendees agreed on the exceptional beauty of it all.

“The pieces surpassed my expectations, I never thought high school students capable of such artistry,” said freshman Esteban Alarcon.

People from all over came to see the featured pieces; family members, friends, teachers and administrators swept the halls of NC’s art exhibit. In addition to the pieces on display, the art program provided food and drinks for attendees. Strewn across the tables in the art room, students sold melted wine bottles and hand made christmas cards.

“It really showed the abilities of the youth and the students have limitless potential,” said Kennesaw Mountain junior Bobby Moss.

The artists all took great pride in their work, and with good reason. The pieces in this year’s art show presented the best of the best of NC’s artistry, the obvious effort put into the work by the artists made the exhibit that much more interesting.

The artwork included large masks, abstract sculptures, and elaborate paintings and sketches; one artist, Chloe Peterson, displayed her massive tribal mask in the very front of the exhibit. The mask itself, according to Peterson’s family, took a very long time and a lot of effort to make.

“The art show went well, all of the effort that was put into the production was worth it. Seeing everyone who came to support the art program was truly rewarding,” Peterson said.