NC’s bells work for first time in 2015-2016 school year


Riley O'Neill

The bells, which had normally been in misuse all year, suddenly began ringing.

Sarah Sutley, Entertainment editor

Students swarm the halls in a massive frenzy in response to working class-change bells, on March 31.

For months, NC students stood accustomed to a dysfunctional bell schedule. Before the recent fix, students were often seen pestering teachers to leave class at EXACTLY 10:01 and dismissing themselves mid-period, only to find themselves disappointed by the depressing announcement, “Please disregard that bell.” The problem continued to worsen as the school year progressed, with some students missing lunch or class altogether, due to the absence of bells.

The bell issue at NC dates back months. On January 12, freshman Joe Miller recalls staying in his geography class all day: “Ms. Ring is a big fan of the phrase ‘The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do!’ So when the bell never rang, we never left.” Other students in the class faced parental punishment after trying, and failing, to explain why they received unexcused absences for the rest of the day.

In another related incident, junior Lola Spring faced confusion, and ultimate suspension after punching her math teacher, in response to bell confusion. “I tried to tell Ms. Ding that it was 11:40 and time to go. She replied with a sassy reminder that if the bell didn’t ring, it isn’t time to go, so I knocked her out and dismissed the class myself. There’s no way I was going to be late to physics again!” Spring said.

Fortunately, after nearly eight months, school administration promises the recent bell fix is permanent. When asked why the seemingly-simple repair was not made sooner, Principal Bucky Horton replied: “budget cuts, man, budget cuts.”

Nonetheless, students appreciate the working bells. Many could be seen celebrating throughout the day, throwing mini-parties in the hall with their extra time between classes. In response to the excitement, Tribal Connections even decided to institute a school-wide holiday on March 31: National Working Bells Day.       

April Fool’s, you fool!

XOXO, The Chant