Warrior soccer finishes season, spoils Woodstock senior night


Caroline Long

The Warriors played against the Woodstock Wolverines, winning and breaking their losing streak before the season ended. At this game, the underclassmen said goodbye to the seniors and prepared for the next season without them.

NC varsity boys soccer team said farewell to the season. The Warriors defeated Woodstock 5-4 in penalties, disappointing the Wolverines on their senior night last Tuesday.

“I felt happy that we struck out the win in penalties because this season, penalties were the reason why we didn’t make it to state this year,” senior DeAngelo Henry said.
Throughout the first half, defense lacked and players struggled to stay in proper position. Coach Anania even subbed out all ten players on the field, mainly adding swing and freshmen players into the game. Defense solidified and kept the Wolverines from scoring another goal as Anania slowly subbed the regular starters back into the game.

The first half ended with the Wolverines leading 1-0. In the second half, the visitors side roared with cheers during every attempt to score, when Warrior freshman Josh Labus scored in the 89th minute to tie the match.

The Wolverines and Warriors fought against each other during two overtime five minute halves. With neither team scoring, PKs started. Juniors Isaac Pimenta and Mewasi Gaypia and freshmen Josh Labus and Bryan Estrada converted, allowing the team to win their first (and last) shootout of the season.

“It felt great to finish my high school soccer career with a win and it helps to prepare the team for next year,” senior Ethan Williamson said on his last game.