Magnet Convocation ceremony honors four years of international studies


Anabel Prince

Magnet coordinator David Stephenson introduces student selected speaker Dr. Wes McCoy.

Anabel Prince, Copy editor

The NC International Studies magnet program hosted its second annual convocation ceremony at NorthStar church on Monday, May 23.

The event celebrated both students and teachers, with each graduating senior selecting a teacher to honor at the ceremony.

“I thought [the teacher recognition] was great and they really deserved it… they’re the ones who brought us here and shaped our high school careers in a substantial way. A large reason why the magnet program is great is because we have great teachers here,” senior Samira Parsa said, who recognized AP World History teacher Carolyn Galloway and former Magnet World Literature teacher Susan Buckert.

The graduating Magnet seniors sit among their classmates before receiving their stoles.
Anabel Prince
The graduating Magnet seniors sit among their classmates before receiving their stoles.

In addition to teacher recognitions, the event also invited two guest speakers, Keynote speaker Derreck Kayongo, CEO for The National Center for Human Rights, and student selected speaker former Magnet Biology teacher Dr. Wes McCoy.

“[McCoy’s speech] honestly made me cry… it wasn’t necessarily what he said but the way he said it,” senior Brooke Stocco said. “He is one of the most positive and uplifting [people]. Every time he talks to you, he shows you how proud of you he is and he also has a piece of wisdom to share.”

Magnet supervisor David Stephenson, counselors Brie Perozzi and Linda Shealy, AP Human Geography teacher James Auld, and Principal Bucky Horton wrapped up the evening with the stole presentation, honoring each student with their magnet stole and medal, as well as a certificate certifying their completion of the International Studies program.

“The ceremony celebrates the fact that you’ve gone through the most rigorous program at NC and are graduating with your magnet seal,” Perozzi said. “It’s a really cool opportunity to honor [the magnet students].”